My cherry tree bloomed. It’s still a bit early but as the weather for the entire week was good and sunny the flowers started to pop out one after another.

I love this particular tree because represents the memories of my childhood.

When I was a small girl I used to pick up the cherries in June with my dad using a portable staircase. Now this tree doesn’t make so many cherries anymore and it doesn’t bloom as beautifully, even so I still love it as I love my bittersweet memories of my childhood.

Being a rural girl is awesome from my point of view because I can understand the meaning of growing plants and flowers.  Growing them is not only important from a productivity aspect, it’s like making a stronger bond with the nature.

In Italy cherry trees are likely to bloom during this month (second half of April or even at the start of May sometimes if the weather is not sunny enough). It’s a different time from Japan where the HANAMI already has long been finished.  

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Enjoy your memories from time to time by remembering the good things that happened to you when you were a child. Your heart will feel good and your feelings will be noticeable on your face making you radiant and happy to others.

Happy cherry blossom day! ^^


One of my favourite songs and perfect for this post too: