I especially love japanese, russian and Victorian authors even so I’ve read books of many other countries. My room is filled everywhere with books and shelves… I think I’ve read since teenage years almost 300 books so I quite know a lot of titles and authors.

I like to read when I’m alone and to take some pauses from a chapter to another to fully grasp the meaning of what happened and the words said by the characters pictured in the story.

Here are some contemporary authors I truly like and every time they come out with a new book I hurry to buy it!

  • Murakami Haruki
  • Banana Yoshimoto
  • Isabel Allende

Other authors:

  • Charlotte, Anne and Emily Bronte
  • Jane Austen
  • Goethe
  • Alexander Dumas (father and son both)
  • Wilde
  • Flaubert
  • TolstΓ²j
  • Dostoevskij
  • Balzac