You may already know my passion for a tv docu-series called “The last alaskans” since I wrote in the past months another article on this topic. The second season is now here and I’m so happy about it! Right now there’s up to 3rd episode and I felt so good to see everyone again chasing their dream of freedom that I had to write my impression on it!


This series started for nearly everyone with a change in location moving to their oldest cabins. They all returned to the old houses where they spent so many years growing as a family with bittersweet memories of the childhood of their kids. It was emotional right from the start and this season I can see that even the editing is different including more landscapes footage and flashback on the memories of all the families. I guess a lot of people wanted to know more of their past and how they could survive in such a difficult land with small children so there’s a lot more informations on this kind of things.

Heimo Korth and his family is finally all reunited together after so many years in the Alaskan wilderness to build a new cabin on the site near their most loved cabin where the girls grew up and their first baby girl died drowning in the river. The family is really beautiful and you can feel their love for each other. I guess that being together in such a place with no cellphones, pc and other kinds of disturbance can bound people to have deep conversations and a real knowledge of their characters (well even when I was a child myself 20 years ago it was like this). I simply love Heimo and Edna as they seem the most positive, good and genuine people I ever seen in a tv show. Love them to death!

Bob Harte is back after a bad last season when he didn’t succeed in hunting for the meat required for his winter needs, a bear ate all of his stocked provisions and he got involved even in a plane incident that had him return home to his daughter Talisia before the end of the season. Well, this time he’s back with his sweet daughter and ex wife! His faithful dog Ruger is as always his best companion but since he trained him so well and he saw how protective of Talisia he is, he thought of giving him to her so when his daughter returned to Fairbanks after a couple weeks she flew back with the dog leaving Bob all alone. After that his ex wife surprised everyone with her announcement of going to visit him in the cabin. She didn’t want to leave him all alone in the woods. I’m happy to see them sharing these moments because I could feel that he always wanted their return, since when he talked during the first season about his family his eyes were full of tears. He’s currently really sick but wanted to go nevertheless of his conditions in his oldest cabin. His daughter is back there after 20 years and he’s so happy about it that I can feel it too. This season he seems opening up much more in terms of feelings and I like the way he speaks more.

The Selden couple who is thinking of growing the family and the Lewis’ with their 3 adorable daughters are equally working on their upcoming winter. The selden’s hunted succesfully a moose and so they are starting with the right foot since they have more than enough meat for their entire season till spring. The Lewis’ are fixing their oldest cabin to fit the girls in a new room and as they work on it they are reminiscing the memories of their childhood. Simply lovely!

I am waiting every week for the next episode and I will not miss one! And you? What do you think of this series? Do you like to see this kind of documentaries about wild nature and surviving? I will write about the Brown’s family of “Bush people”too soon, so stay tuned.




I’m completely smitten by a docu-series that’s been aired this spring on DMAX (one of my favourite channels). THE LAST ALASKANS was a real surprise for me, too intrigued by the landscapes and won by the curiosity of knowing the lifestyle of the people who live in the “Arctic National Wildlife Refuge” a far away and uninhabited area in northern Alaska.

I’ve been all my life an avid documentary passionate and this kind of program is just too good to be true. The characters, their lives and memories, the amazing landscapes and the simple life they conduct are extremely extravagant from every point of view. They are happy to live there and sad when they have to go back to the city, their feelings are depicted really well.

To live a life always in search for food, no commodities, no tv, no internet and cellphones must be really hard. They sew their own gloves and snow boots with the fur of the hunted animals. They don’t have the possibility to go to the supermarket if they need something. In all the months they live in such isolation from the rest of the world they need to be always ready for unexpeted events and work hard to have the basic necessities.

Hunting caribou, dealing with bears, paying attention to the width of the ice, no sun for months since they are above the arctic polar circle… I think this is an amazing series that goes in-depth of the lives of these extravagant people called “last Alaskans”. The lasts who can live in this territory because in 1980 the government decided to stop any further human settlements in the area and so the ones who had previosly the rights to built cabins are only 7 and dislocated on hundreds of miles away from each other.


Heimo and Hedna, definitely my favourite couple ever! They are so sweet and had four daughters that grew up in their cabins. Same as Bob they lived in this difficult territory for about 40 years. Their memories are so clear and emotionally painful that I really feel close to them. I really love Heimo, he seems a really great person!


Ray Lewis is a tough and hard working man who grew up, with his wife, his 3 daughters in this kind of wild environment. Originally from Michigan he decided to move to Alaska in search of an adventurous life. His family is amazing, his daughters are able to hunt and do all the things required to live in such a difficult area since they grew up there and now are teenagers. They have all such a close relationship, I really feel their love for each other.


Bob, the toughness, 40 years of experience in the wilderness. This season he was at a considerably disadvantage because he broke his airplane, he couldn’t hunt any caribou (so no meat aka lipids for all the winter months) and a bear ate all his provisions so he decided to return to Fairbanks to be with his daughter waiting for next season.


All the group, in the centre the Lewis family with their three daughters and dogs.

Hope to see more of this amazing series! I really love it, I feel so close to all of them… The musics, the magical landscapes, the great respect they have for nature is so special that it would be a shame to not see more. Good luck last Alaskans from an italian watcher!


Hi ♥ Today is a cooking recipe!

I really enjoy a lot making risotto. It’s one of my favourite dishes! I find it really delicious and nutritious when done following the right method.

So, let’s prepare together a delicate cinnamon-pumpkin risotto!

Note that for the sweet flavour you need to use carrots broth (a common vegetable broth with carrots in it is not good enough) because the sweetness otherwise is gonna come only from the cinnamon and it may be less noticeable!

To prepare a broth is simple: just add in a large pot water for 3/4 of it and then add the vegetables you want: potatoes, carrots, onions… It’s the same with meat broth.

For this recipe is needed a broth with carrots, so you can prepare a broth with only carrots or, as I suggest, to add potatoes cause it’s gonna make the risotto richer.

The vegetables cooked in the broth are gonna be healthy and good for a salad: with oil, vinegar and salt you can make up a simple side dish. ♣



– Onion (1/3 of a big onion or 1/2 if a medium size)

– Butter (2/3 large spoons)

– Rice (one full cup = 2 people depending of the rice)

– White Wine (a glass)

– Carrot and potatoes broth is sweet and is well matched with this recipe (chicken stock or vegetable broth if you don’t mind the flavour to be more salty)

– Pumpkin

– Cinnamon

– White pepper

– Grated parmesan cheese (as preferred)


First rule: When you try to prepare a risotto, you can’t afford to look away during the process. If you have only 10 minutes before friends coming over for dinner you can’t make it in time. Risotto is a dish that requires at least 20-25 minutes and can take up even 40/45 minutes if you need to add some more ingredients that need to be previous cooked. (if you need to prepare the broth it goes up to 1 hour and half) Focus only on it please, cause it’s gonna waste your efforts and time if you just do it half heartedly! 

DSCF4743 DSCF4749

Prepare the vegetables: Cut in small pieces the pumpkin and the onion. The smaller the pumpkin the better in my opinion, cause it’s gonna cook evenly with the rice.

DSCF4756 DSCF4766 DSCF4798

Different types of rice are meant to be used for different recipes. I used the Arborio cause it keeps the grains from swelling up too much and the risotto is easily sticky enough to enjoy it with the pumpink pieces.


Melt the butter add the onion and when it’s gold enough add the pumpkin in cubes. Be sure to not let it stick to the pot!


Add the rice when the pumpkin has been at least cooked for 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the cubes. Pour a cup of white wine and let the alcohol dry out fully before adding the broth.


Pour the broth and then keep your rice moistened with it until fully cooked. Normally it requires 20 minutes to cook, the rice has to be soft for this kind of risotto.

At the end of the process add cinnamon to your taste and grated cheese. Add white pepper to taste.


This dish is delicious and nutritious too. If you are gonna serve it to kids skip the wine or pour only half cup even though the alcohol is not anymore in the rice when fully cooked, so is safe.

I suggest to enjoy it for a quite and light dinner between friends with a salad on the side and some delicious entrée. This is gonna be a dish really appreciated! 

Hope you like it, bye and eat healthy for a healthy life!






Hi! It’s been some time from the last post. I accumulated a lot of things to write about cause my house is under renovation. I’ve been busy cleaning up and ordering around what I wanted to others 😉 The good news is that one of my two gardens is finally taking shape and becoming a “true garden” which for me is a place were not only flowers are meant to be. Fruits and scented plants are a must for every garden and without them I don’t feel like it’s complete.

But first things first: Today is Sunday and it’s 9 in the morning. One of my cats is near my pc sleeping and I finally have time to write about my DIY ROSEMARY RINSE!



  • – Rosemary
  • Water


My rosemary is growing up finely without any worries, for this DIY I cut some branches to make the rinse. The amount depends on how much water you use and the quantity you want to stock up. The more the merrier in this case it’s not appropriate. Even so if you like a strong scent or you used too much, no problems, just keep in mind that when it’s time to rinse you will use less of it, cause it’s really effective!


Boil the water till you see this white foam appear and then let it boil a bit more. The rinse should be light green/brown. Wait till the oils contained in the rosemary are released and mixed in the water. It usually take half hour for the entire process. You don’t need to stir up anything, so you can relax and enjoy the scent coming from it.

Here is the result after removing the leaves of the rosemary. The water is a clear brown/green and smells great! Let it cool off a bit before pouring it in a container.


I usually stock up my rinse in used plastic water bottles. It’s easier to pour the rinse on your head and good because I recycle too! Simple and really effective, this treatment is highly recommended for  hair without much shape and to treat dry ends too. The scent is awesome and as it is a rinse completely natural without artificial addings, it’s gonna make your hair soft and smell great!

HOW TO USE IT: Every time you wash your hair you need to squeeze out excess water from it, then you simply pour a cup of this rosemary rinse of your head… it’s done! Don’t rinse with water again! It has to stay and dry in your hair! Be sure to cover your ends too!

The first time may be weird to smell like rosemary but trust me, it’s gonna make your hair shine and smell like never on the market. I use only shampoo and this rinse now and my hair, after a cut in November and stopping coloring my hair since then, are soft and shiny without using any artificial conditioner. Trust me and try it out!


Hope you like it! Hugs until next time!

Pusheen as a unicorn. Pusheen is one of the few Facebook characters that shows animation. In this sticker in the app, Pusheen's hair and whiskers undulate in the wind. CREDIT: Facebook


Hi! Today I went for a walk and wanted to show you the incredible beauty of my land: Italy.

When I was younger I used to go to the river with my dad at least once a week. We didn’t talk much, since we are both usually calm and composed by nature, but it was so relaxing and beautiful just to be together that I cherish those moments in my heart as something precious. These memories are sweet for me and since then I kept going to the river and had the strange feeling that when I am near water I feel good.

Today I walked through BRIVIO, a small town on ADDA’S river and felt peaceful even in the cold weather (+10°).

I really like to walk since I’m the sportive type and I always long for the outside. So when I have the chance I take two steps by myself or with others. Since I’m not a friendly and outgoing person I have few friends and on top of it they live far away from me, so we can’t meet up often.






Italy is mainly known for tasty food, ancient history and art. If you think of Italy in terms of landscape the first thing that comes to mind is usually Venice, the small artistic towns in Tuscany  called “borghi”, the magic of Rome and Florence. Even so in here there is nature too!


Italy is in my point of view a beautiful country with lots of different types of landscape: mountain, lake, beach, rural land, large areas of woods, desert (yeah, we have this too, look for Sardinia “Piscinas” and the “Desert of Accona” in Siena’s province) and volcano black land (3 areas in Italy are really known: Stromboli, Etna, Vesuvio) . We don’t lack anything, even if we live in a relatively small country, the only thing that keep us from enjoying it fully is the black economy that seem to get worse as time goes by. This is why youngsters are usually searching for work outside Italy, abandoning traditions and families.


Let’s change topic now and let me speak about fashion and comfortable clothes.

I’m a woman and I like to dress up well and beautifully, but the thing that for me is of the utmost importance is that my clothes have to be comfortable. Because I am an xs, 36/38 size in clothes, my wardrobe is full of relatively large pieces that I can wear leisurely without thinking too much. (my right size is rarely avalaible so the only choice is to buy larger clothes if I don’t want to go around naked)

Since I have muscular legs I often wear dark tights or trousers on them to make the illusion of thinner legs. Illusion is a basic in fashion. Because I’ve always been an active person in sports, especially the ones in which the legs were majorly involved, the result is that my upper body and my bottom have a gap in sizes and misures. (upper xs, bottom s/m – 40/42)



What I’m wearing here is a simple outfit without bright colors. I wanted to keep it clean and simple since I wanted to take a walk.

I opted for :

  • Simple cut black coat ————>  Zara
  • Black leather lace up boots —–>  Even&Odd
  • Distressed jeans  —————–>  Forever21
  • Shoulder iridescent bag ———>  Even&Odd
  • Multicolor scarf  ——————> Diesel

I think this type of outfit is a passepartout that can be worn anytime: when travelling, going to school, for walks… This is a basic outfit for winter days in which you don’t have the time or the care to look at what you are wearing when heading out.


♥These boots are made for walking♥… like one famous song tell. I fell in love with them immediately when I saw the price and the images on the net.  So comfortable and ice/water proof. (personally tested on 30 cm of snow) Last month I bought a lot of things from internet, and these pair were in, since with the discount was a great deal! Couldn’t resist…. sorry, my poor wallet! 🙂

Since i’m relatively tall for a woman I don’t usually wear high heels. I like them a lot, but not for everyday use. These boots are flat so really easy to walk in and make errands.



My bag is a shoulder type, simple and clean in its features. The color is simply great, iridescent (I’m sorry for the quality of the images) between gold/silver and rusty. Since I like to carry with me anything that might be useful I prefer big bags. I think its the key peace of the outfit that gives an allure of  leisure and playful time to the rest of the clothes.



Hope you like my outfit and the landscape I love so much!

Bye, see you next time! ^^






My skin tends to break out more frequently during this season. Stress, makeup and other things like a wrong scrub (too strong and rough), could make skin more sensitive and easily prone to acne or pimples. 

Last night some of the pimples that I can’t seem to win around my jaw line, started to ache really badly, so I resorted to my infallible method: Chamomile tea bags.

Why chamomile is a lifesaver when treating skin?

  • Because its delicate and can be used when you need to calm down your redness, swelling, horrible break outs and other kind of things related to pain.
  • It’s even really effective when you need to brighten up your tone. (no more dull skin)
  • Has a whitening effect if you use it constantly. So don’t use lemon but chamomile instead if you want to obtain whiter and clear skin! Lemon can be more aggressive and has a side effect that can bring you more problems: dries out your skin with no improvement whatsoever!

Every once in a while when you notice that your face is getting greyish from stress – smog – dead cells, use this method of mine! You will see immediate improvements ♥


I have already wrote about the green tea bag method in a previous post, that could be used as a toner or to lighten and give some relief to eye-circles, but the chamomile is definitely better if you need to treat your pimples. You will use something natural and absolutely helpful so your skin will be thankful.

I drink often chamomile and such, so in my kitchen there’s always some tea bag to come on hand when needed.

So what is the right method to lessen the aching of pimples? Boil some water, not too much, or the chamomile will be too diluted (half cup is enough) and then when is ready, put 4/5 chamomile bags in the water. Let it stay for about 5 minutes and then it starts the magic! I use hot/warm water for this treatment so the pores will open up and the chamomile will work immediately.

Use your common kitchen paper, fold it in some stripes like bandages and then dip them in the chamomile. You basically need to cover up the areas with your pimples with the papers and then you will feel immediately relieved from the pain. Do it continuously for about 20 minutes or less and the pain will disappear. The trick is to be continuous, and if the water gets cold then reboil it and start again

I repeat this treatment when necessary but you can do it every night cause chamomile soothes the skin making it pretty and smooth. I used to do it every 2 days in the past and the outcome was absolutely fabulous! Bright, clear skin and no pimples. (I was lazy this year around)


I will continue the treatment 3 times per week. I can see easily even after only one treatment my skin pretty and more clear, the redness and swelling of my pimples reduced and my face look less stressed.

You can do this treatment with cold water too if you want, but instead of work on pimples and redness will keep your skin hydrated and smooth, clear and soft to the touch.

We all think that to maintain a healthy skin we need to drink a lot, I do it too, but the truth is that water can be used topically to lighten wrinkles. Chamomile is amazing for wrinkles treatment too, cause it allows the skin to be more supple and radiant. This is why it’s important to hydrate the skin as much as possible from within and from outside. I used to have one line on my forehead but with this treatment I had a really improvement, it appears only when I’m really stressed out.

So try this method, and let me know your experience!


Bye, see you next time 🙂



Do you know about the multiple uses of ALOE VERA? This awesome and natural ingredient for skin beauty, that really helps in different occasions and ways, is my beauty secret treatment…

images (4)

I use it often as I sincerely like its light texture, like densed water, and its ability to make my skin feel intensely hydrated without stickiness or any kind of rich smell.

1. Aloe vera is usually used as a treatment for sun burn which is really a powerful resource indeed, but not the only one:

2. For example I use it on my skin after getting rid of hairs (like on my legs) and I can really feel and see as a result the redness and swelling go down faster because of it. I’m obsessed when it comes to hairs so this is really a great help because I often need this treatment to freshen up my skin. Let it dry out after massaging it and immediately after you will feel sooooo refreshed!

3. You can use it even as a hydrating body cream. After a shower in the summer I use it as much as I like without worrying of worsening the pimples on my skin or without feeling discomfort because it doesn’t contain any rich perfume. So, aloe is really a great solution if you hate perfumed creams, or if you hate the stickiness you feel even after wearing clothes.

4. I use it even around my dark circles when I feel that the skin is really dry and to feel a fresh feeling on my eye.

5. Try it on your hair! On my split ends worked wonderfully. Dry hair will feel silky smooth using aloe! Just brush your hair and add aloe 2 or 3 times as a layer. Dry it out completely and then the miracle is done 🙂

6. You can use it as an antibacterial too: this is why it’s a must when you feel your skin is itching because of your pimples or after a mosquito bite.

7. If you feel hot because of the fever or you are just over-heated after sport or you’ve just had a stressful day, try it on your forehead and cheeks. It’s like trying a cold compress.

8. It’s a useful pimple treatment with some additional ingredients. Because aloe it’s antibacterial, you can spread it on your face and let it dry out as a beauty mask to hydrate and getting rid of pimples. (use for example lemon, green clay or tea tree oil and mix it well)

So, as you can see, there’s a lot that aloe vera can do for you.
I really recommend it, but you have to keep in mind also few basics:
Aloe vera is usually better in a high % rate, because you can definitely have a better and more natural product.

So choose at least 90 % aloe vera or over when it comes to gel or products with it.

Keep it far away from hot places.
Cooled down is awesome… You can keep it in your fridge to have a cool mask always ready and a great help especially after epilation.

You will never have bad reactions with it because it’s super natural and free of perfumes (if you buy the original gel type of course)


If you are lucky enough to have the aloe plant in your house, then you only need to break a leaf and see for yourself the gel coming out from it. The gel will be 100 % pure aloe vera, completely free of any kind of other artificial stuff they usually add in it.

I’m using this one right now ——–> NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA, It’s really a good product from Korea.

images (3)

So you only have to try it, and if you know other ways to use this awesome product let me know by posting a message! I’m really happy to learn something from you all!

See you next time! 🙂


Have you got any pimples on your shoulders or back? Or you want a silky smooth body?
The perfect skin that models have, that seems so soft and without any imperfection is around the corner… Just learn how to do this SCRUB and you will be so pleased with the results that you will just keep doing it forever!

The ingredients are really cheap and you can find them everywhere, so why don’t you try it? You need only 3 ingredients! Sooo cheap! 🙂 I love this word!


HARD GRAIN CORN FLOUR 2 cups (the one you usually use for Polenta)
PH SOAP 1/2 cup (or a soap who doesn’t make foam)

Baking soda is known for having a really high quality power when treating skin problems. And it’s specifically great for oily or combined skin.
Corn flour is the best when you want a natural scrub. It has big grains for a better and effective massage onto your body. Your skin will be so smooth to the touch that you won’t use anything anymore.


Preparing it is just too simple: Just add 2 cups of corn flour to 2 cups of baking soda, add some PH soap and water till you obtain a paste that would be good to massage onto your skin. Then you only need to SCRUB gently because the grains of the corn flour are already big, so don’t overdo it if it’s your first time.
For a better result scrub it for few minutes on your entire body and then let it dry out a little. (just 5 minutes) Rinse it off well with warm/cold water and see for yourself.
For at least a week your skin will be sooo silky smooth!
So sexy to the touch if you want to be glamorous on a night out.

This SCRUB is amazing! I use it on me on summer because I have a lot of tiny red pimples on my back that are the results for treating my hair with extra moisture treatments (I have dry hair). I usually wash my hair in the shower so the shampoo, conditioner and masks keep falling onto my skin and then it breaks out with those horrible monsters.

From the moment I knew that I should wash my body and hair separately or at least to be extra carefull to maintain my head and neck from let the treatments go down my back, I noticed a really improving in my skin.

I had some more to take care about, so I tried this SCRUB on me last year and my skin felt great. I’ve done it today too! So I wanted to share with you this amazing recipe. ❤

Repeating it once a week or every two weeks should be fine.
Just remember that your skin is precious so don’t overdo your body with a lot of different treatments. A scrub for the body and one for the face are great once in a while but be careful!

If you enjoy pampering your skin every day just remember to use natural ingredients for your masks or scrubs and to hydrate yourself as much as possible with water, tisane or smoothies, because a flower will wither and die without anything to drink.
Remember: your skin is a flower.

Hope you will enjoy this SCRUB, bye! ❤