Hi everyone! It’s nice to write on my blog again. Usually I’m always packed with things to do and have little time to update my page here. Since tonight I have some time for myself here I am going to explain in detail my last week travel to Venice.

First of all: I was alone and even so I had a great time! So if you are wondering if the most romantic city in the world is solo traveller friendly it is definitely a YES! I spent 5 days in a hostel on Giudecca island, in front of Venice, and since the room was cheap I got to spend my extra money on food, things and some presents for myself.

I was in Venice in December 2015 the last time and since it was so windy and chilly after sunset we were mostly in the apartment we rented for the stay after 5-6 p.m, so this time I decided to experience Venice in a sunny month and September was definitely the right choice!

It was my first time travelling alone since usually I only spend the time on trains and such by myself, after that I usually meet up with others. This time I was alone for the entire stay and I got to know myself more.

Travelling alone is an experience I highly recommend to everyone especially the ones, like me, who think of themself as independent and loners. I always believed I was a kind of person who needn’t people to be happy and I was wrong. I realized it the first night, while in my room I kind of felt lonely with no one to share my journey with. But after that first night I spoke to the people who shared my hostel: French, English and Canadians youth like me who wanted to experience Venice the best they could.

My travel consisted of 5 days and every day I wanted to experience different sides of Venice so I planned my schedule very carefully:

1st day: I arrived in the early afternoon in Venice, got to my hostel and unpacked.. Then I explored Giudecca island who is different from the main Venice we know. There are small parks, new modern houses, a university and the best small streets where you would want to get lost forever. After memorizing the position of the supermarkets, restaurants and such I ate pistachio ice cream and watched the best sunset view of the entire stay!

2nd day: my birthday. I wore my best frilly white dress and explored Venice. Got to the hebrew area, my loved one, where I ate my favourite Kosher sweets and then off to S.Marco. In the middle of the day there was a huge storm and I got wet from the rain… even so I stayed out till 8. S.Marco during sunset was magical, full of lights and music orchestras… Ate Spaghetti with clams in a high-end restaurant with the best view on S.Marco to celebrate my birthday.

3rd day: Murano and Burano. Murano is peaceful and beautiful for a quick stay. I highly recommend it if you want to see the glass-makers doing their job. There are exquisite restaurants everywhere and glass boutiques where you can buy gifts. Ate there and then headed off to Burano a 30 minutes ride on the ferry-boat. Burano was a huge surprise for me! It’s a small island with a park all around it and in the middle colorful houses everywhere. The colors were so vivid and the boutiques full of frilly things to buy… Best spot for couples to take pictures of course.

4th day: Lido’s beach. I spent the entire day by the sea and it was awesome. The sun was so warm and th sea breeze so soothing. I walked a lot, swam, read and ate. I got so tanned in only one day that I was seriously surprised… Drank a fresh strawberry 500 ml smoothie while heading back and got lost… Ferry-boats change slightly routes after 7 p.m and I didn’t know it so I had to stay another 1 hour out because I needed to take another one to return to Giudecca.

5th day: I left my baggage at the train station and stayed another 4 hours in the hebrew district, bought gifts and explored again the centre of Venice. Bought myself 2 chickenburger at Mc Donalds for the train ride and returned home with a feeling of accomplishment.

I suggest you to always cherish the memories of your past travels. I was a solo traveller and I spent 5 days as I was walking like in a dream. I got to do what I wanted without having to deal what others may want and this is why I totally recommend this kind of experience. I will return to Venice again for sure because it is already a beautiful memory to me and I will not ever forget about it.

To you all I can say only this: Travel as much as you can and never think of what others may think of it. Life is precious and too short to bother with others judgement!

Love you all from the bottom of my heart. ❤





The quality of the scan this time turned out bad but the original is way better. I wanted to draw something different with a new allure, I worked more on the expression than on my skills. It was quite a challenge since I usually focus more on the perfection of the lines and the tecnique. Turned out good I guess.

For my portraits I really love drawing eyes and the wrinkles on the lips, I might just make some studies on them just to focus on the different shapes and colors.


Today I’m gonna talk about a real sensation that in the past months came from Asia and became a huge boom in Europe and USA. In Asia was already a trend for the past 3-4 years since stress built there is totally crazy, then in Europe became a hit in the previous year. An illustrator was asked to draw a picture book and then.. Here we are.

As life could be overwhelming at times and we just search for some space to ourselves to take a breath and immerse our minds in hobbies, for someone could be difficult. Since I know through people that many has no hobbies nor passion for bricolage, I think this new trend of the coloring books may be something really useful!

Since I am myself an artist I can be sometimes a really hard judge for this kind of things even so the thought itself is great since anyone can be creative, forget about painful things and just return a child with the help of coloring books. 

I think better than beautiful outcomes it is best to just let your artistic sense take control. For example someone could color a flower red another person would prefer to use blue, it’s just a matter of choice but this kind of feeling make ouselves feel free to express our liking and disliking which in real life could be sometimes difficult.

I am positive with this new trend and you? What do you think about it? Have you already bought this kind of books?



Recently I’ve been analizing a lot of aspects about my family. There are things that I would like to change and things I want to erase completely, even so I keep it all these thoughts to myself.

My mom reached the age of 55 and she’s working way too much… I’m thinking about her  a lot in these days and I feel sorry. I’m really ashamed I can’t provide her a relaxing future. My dream is to let her retire with ease and let her have a good life but right now I can’t. I’m feeling right now like an ungrateful daughter.

For her gift this year I drew something colorful. She always complained about my portraits not being enough colorful so… I filled this gift with the rainbow colors. She liked it so I’m glad for the choice I made.



I’m sorry for the bad light… I took the picture at night after finishing it. 

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 As you may already know looking through my archive and reviews, I’m a huge fan of Korean products and their fashion. (Hera, Etude House, Ryeo and korean brands clothes on YESSTYLE) I watch korean dramas too and even though I don’t speak a single word of korean I can manage to understand their culture and traditions.

Everyday I look through the net searching for new trends and some years ago I happened to notice a really gorgeous self-made makeup artist: Park Hye Min aka Pony’s Beauty on Youtube. She’s beautiful and so talented! She even published books (sold in all Asia) on how to reproduce her numerous makeups and she recently released, as a collaboration, a memebox sold out in less than an hour.

This is the advertising for the memebox, the model is herself:


She already had a beauty line under her name but she made the big change going international. She was known in all Asia as a past Ullzzang, active Youtuber and model (search for Gabalmania, Kitsch Island…) but now she reached US too. Go girl! I’m a big fan of hers so I’m really happy.

Curios about her age/ her background/ her boyfriend? On the net is difficult to find infos about her life and the only thing we know for sure, as it was once said from her in a Q&A video is that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 8 years. Her boyfriend on INSTAGRAM is called vivus_vici search for him or through her tags. PONY’s age is unknown to the public, she never stated it before, even so I think she is around 28-32 years and to be so young and good at what she does for a living is pretty amazing. She has been on the net for so many years as a self-made makeup artist on Youtube and before that on her blog. Because she’s the ambassador for so many famous international brands we can see her often on Instagram visiting the US, London, Paris and other asian countries. She’s the makeup artist of the beautiful korean singer CL.


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Today was such a good sunny day that I wanted to take a walk and go visit one of my most favourite places.


We ate ice cream on the way (if you have never tried italian ice cream you really don’t know what it taste like a real ice cream) and then I was such a push-over that I got to finally go to the “hills”. This name is fictional, cause was the only way when I was still a child to address this place. The real name is “duraga”, basically hills covered in some kind of grass that seem like hair. The path is between the hills and the woods, so the scenery is beautiful and so full of nature!

Maybe next time I’m gonna climb the hills and take a picture to let you see the great landscape all around.




DSCF4074_edited_editedDSCF4095_edited_edited DSCF4096_edited

Coachella ended in these days and thinking about this famous music/fashion event I thought what I would wear in this kind of occasion. Certainly I would wear lots of flowers and pretty bold colors with flowy fabrics.

For the flowers part in my wardrobe there was this blouse which I love so much, and so I worn it just to state that finally spring seems to be really here in Italy!

This blouse makes me feel always beautiful and cute when wearing it, and people around me state that I always look much younger in it. It’s so soft and pretty that I wear it proudly. I got it from Korea.


These shoes are absolutely lovely. Simple and in a beautiful suede color with fringes. I don’t usually wear heels because I’m already tall but these are awesome because even if the height is not a lot I can feel and see my figure slimming down due to them.


The shoulder bag is in a really bold red. I love strong colors in my accessories, shoes and bags. Even if the outfit is kept simple, a touch of blue or yellow makes it look up-to-date and fashionable.


My accessories are kept to the minimum. I don’t usually wear rings, bracelets and necklaces but when I go outside for a date or a special event I wear some simple pieces to make me still feel comfortable.


Small braids along the side of my head. I love how braids can make everyone look younger and always keep together hair even in windy days or after a really long day at work.


Bye and always get inspired by nature!




My cherry tree bloomed. It’s still a bit early but as the weather for the entire week was good and sunny the flowers started to pop out one after another.

I love this particular tree because represents the memories of my childhood.

When I was a small girl I used to pick up the cherries in June with my dad using a portable staircase. Now this tree doesn’t make so many cherries anymore and it doesn’t bloom as beautifully, even so I still love it as I love my bittersweet memories of my childhood.

Being a rural girl is awesome from my point of view because I can understand the meaning of growing plants and flowers.  Growing them is not only important from a productivity aspect, it’s like making a stronger bond with the nature.

In Italy cherry trees are likely to bloom during this month (second half of April or even at the start of May sometimes if the weather is not sunny enough). It’s a different time from Japan where the HANAMI already has long been finished.  

DSCF3999 DSCF4001 DSCF4007_edited DSCF4013_edited DSCF4035_edited DSCF4039_edited

Enjoy your memories from time to time by remembering the good things that happened to you when you were a child. Your heart will feel good and your feelings will be noticeable on your face making you radiant and happy to others.

Happy cherry blossom day! ^^


One of my favourite songs and perfect for this post too:



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Hi everyone! 🙂 Today we are gonna talk about DIY.

I had so much fun in making these rainbow pouches. Cute, simple and easy to carry around since they are soft and fit in my bag easily.

So let’s start with the basics: do you know how to knit? I learned it when I was 9 years old, my grandma was the one who taught me and it’s still one of my cherished and sweet memories from her.

Young women nowadays don’t usually spend time in learning this kind of things. Someone think of knitting as an old worthless tradition so they don’t have the desire to learn it. Even here in Italy where we are really mindful to traditions it’s something that only grandmas and old women do. Youngsters are not into it. Even so through magazines and online you can find videos and explanations about the technique, so I will skip this part. 


What is really important is the material, aka the wool. If the wool isn’t soft and pretty in color the work will not turn out as well as you imagined. This is why it’s important to invest in good wool, especially if the things you are gonna make are meant to be worn: scarf, hat, gloves…



I created these pouches in a set. The larger one is for my daily snacks, big enough to fit in chocolates, some sweet stuff and even a small sandwich. The medium size one is for my cellulary and the smallest is for my lipstick, concelear and bb cream. 

They are soooo soft and pretty that when I take them out from my bag I can see other people interested in them. This is something that everyone who do DIY can be proud of, so am I.


Let’s enjoy working with our hands! Traditions are meant to be continued.

Bye, see you next time! 


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I love pink! I can’t get enough of this amazing feminine and girly color… As I grew older I couldn’t toss it aside and so I wear it really often, as it is one of my fave colors.

I think pink is pretty because it reminds me of sweets, cute stuff and love. For me pink is the color of love. Red instead is passion and deep affection, why? Pink is a more subtle tone and is bound to be a feeling of growing love. The first stage, when everything seem beautiful and you always think of your partner.

PINK! How I love this word!

My outfit of the day is simple and  feminine. I paired up my pink shirt and shoes with white/grey t-shirt and cardigan and dark blue jeans.




Basics are awesome helpers when it comes to avoid the clown image! Piling up too much colors isn’t good. I was like a clown myself through my adolescence  so I can understand it, the feeling of wanting to wear anything with anything. Never again, I swear!


So, back to the topic, today finally the sun came out! It was chilly and windy,,, Even so I had a blast.

I could wear what I wanted and finally I took the chance to take out for a walk these pair of cuties! Baby pink t-strap shoes from Asos. The color as you can see is great and the effect of patent leather just like shoes worn by a school girl. I’m really in love with them ❤

Comfy and cute, nothing to complain about.



Pink checkered shirt  from Abercrombie. Awesome color, I’ve got an M size so I could wear it leisurely without being too tight. Usually I use it open as a layer on a simple basic t-shirt.


Look at those colors! Pink and bright blue… I fell in love with it.


Without the cardigan the shirt is definitely more noticeable with its bright colors. Even so, paired with dark jeans and a light colored t-shirt the effect is not too bright for an everyday look.



Matching nails! I love to wear bright colors on my nails. It feels like I’m calling for spring to come.



Kisses from Italy! 🙂



Today I will write about a different topic.

I came across some street art and so I want to explain my point of view on this matter.

As I was an Art student myself and I keep drawing even now, I find amazing how street art, when done well and in specific spaces (so not the kind with vulgar words and expressions meant to offend someone or done everywhere on someone else’s house), can change the appereance of a boring, non-distinctive district.


There are famous street artist, beginners and different styles but the importance of this type of art is the amazing creativeness that is brought up on a simple grey wall. 

Our cities, in specific areas, especially in industrial and old districts, are kind of boring and without a specific landmark.

Landmarks are needed. This is not a simple baseless statement because in our everyday life we come across lots of them. The most common huge buildings that became famous through time are: Tour Eiffel in Paris, the Dome in Milan, Pisa’s Tower, Taj Mahal in India, Stonehege, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona… Big buildings full of history that became the centre of their cities or rather something to visit one in a lifetime.

But there are smaller kind of art that work wonderfully as well: the statue of Hachiko in Shibuya  for example.

The landmark is a sign recognized by people and that works as indicator when you try to explain to some visitor where are the main streets, shops, museums…

So as we can understand landmarks are needed in every landscape. A statue, a tower, a giant sign, a colorful street art… Even so we are always sorrounded by the same grey walls and even though time goes by nothing really changes.

Rather than a demolition, or a blank space, art can accomplish a great make-over without huge costs. Creating a huge landmark can require years and lots of money, and without a great project behind there’s not a 100 % of positive feedback with people.


Personally I find street art useful and inspiring too. Recently street artists work on concrete creating the illusion of three – dimensional spaces.

You can see magnificent works through your city just by walking, take a stroll and enjoy the art!




Some works are awesome others not much… But we can definitely understand the message.

 So what do you think? Are your pro or con street art?