Hi! Today let’s learn a new way to nourish ourselves through oils!

Oils are important for our skin as it is a natural way to replenish hydration and moisture that aging, weather and stress can strip off from our face and body. Oils and oil-creams are meant to be used after baths and showers to properly hydrate even the deepest tissues of the skin, even more if you tend to use hot water for baths and showers since it’s more aggressive.

For the face we usually use oil cleansers, oils for demaquillage, in forms of serums or beauty oils for rejuvenation. But did you know that you can use oils to cure hair loss and to make your eyelashes pop out like no mascara can?


Let’s learn how:

CASTOR OIL is a really powerful source on fatty acids and vitamins that can support the growth of hair and hairs. Definitely a must if you ruined your eyelashes due to excessive mascara usage or simply you don’t have many of them or are too short. I really recommend it if you are searching for a natural way to make them grow back or enhance them.

This treatment it’s painless, cheap and easy to do so you should definitely try it out and see for yourself. First thing is to find a 100 % cold pressed castor oil and you can buy it for cheap (like 6-10 $) for a bottle of 100 ml. Since a blottle goes a really long way even if you use it on your scalp for hair growth I suggest to only buy 1 at a time.

The oil is thick and dark yellow, some people like to add some other oils like avocado or vitamin E since they find it too thick for usage but in my opinion the growth power goes down a little. I like to use it as it is with an eyelash comb on my eyelashes and brows and leave it for many hours. I usually apply it after taking off my makeup and having my shower/bath. When I go to bed I use a cotton pad to just wipe the excess off and the morning after when I wash my face I can see my eyelashes full and long.


This treatment is not meant to be done everyday since it’s not like they grow forever, I do it twice or thrice a week and it’s really effective. Believe me and try it too!



My skin is really sensitive so I need to be careful when putting on makeup, treating my skin with creams and of course when taking off makeup too. As I tend to get redness around my chin, mouth and cheeks when a product is more aggressive than others I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect item.

And I finally can say, after 6 months of continue use, that my skin has finally found the perfect match! VICHY PURETE THERMALE 3 in 1 is my one and only one product for demaquillage.

3 in 1: 

  • cleansing
  • demaquillage (for eyes and waterproof makeup too)
  • soothing


Personally I love this product and I will never change it. I use it in combo with the EAU THERMALE AVENE that I wrote about in a previous post: after demaquillage I spray 2 or 3 times the EAU THERMALE and I can really feel my skin is able to breath and get soothed. (This past summer I put them in the fridge to have them always cool and fresh when it was time to take off my makeup)

My skin was in a terrible state during past spring but I feel that this product helped me a lot taking care of my troubled t-zone. Now my skin is clear and I don’t have redness anymore.

It is said to be a popular item used behind the fashion shows to take off makeup from the models. This is true because if you check on some pics of the most famous backstages you can definitely see this product on the makeup tables.


  • cheap (big size is 400 ml and around 15 -16 euro)
  • really gentle on skin
  •  for every kind of skin
  • no need for toner (already in)
  • really soothing
  • not aggressive on sensitive skin
  • fresh feeling
  • no redness
  • no need to wash off
  • no parfume


  • not always in stock
  • difficult to find

I found a Pharmacy here in Italy that sell products with huge discounts so I can get it without trouble for my wallet, it needs to be shipped (400 ml are a lot, I usually finish it in 3-4 months) and it’s usually difficult to find it in stock. When I needed it the past summer I searched on the net for another one where I could buy it here in Italy, and in the end it was impossible to find it, so I waited for a restock in my usual Pharmacy.

I hope this product will never disappear from the market because sometimes it happens even to awesome products like this one.

Bye and let me know if you are a fan of this product too! ❤



Hi! It’s been some time from the last post. I accumulated a lot of things to write about cause my house is under renovation. I’ve been busy cleaning up and ordering around what I wanted to others 😉 The good news is that one of my two gardens is finally taking shape and becoming a “true garden” which for me is a place were not only flowers are meant to be. Fruits and scented plants are a must for every garden and without them I don’t feel like it’s complete.

But first things first: Today is Sunday and it’s 9 in the morning. One of my cats is near my pc sleeping and I finally have time to write about my DIY ROSEMARY RINSE!



  • – Rosemary
  • Water


My rosemary is growing up finely without any worries, for this DIY I cut some branches to make the rinse. The amount depends on how much water you use and the quantity you want to stock up. The more the merrier in this case it’s not appropriate. Even so if you like a strong scent or you used too much, no problems, just keep in mind that when it’s time to rinse you will use less of it, cause it’s really effective!


Boil the water till you see this white foam appear and then let it boil a bit more. The rinse should be light green/brown. Wait till the oils contained in the rosemary are released and mixed in the water. It usually take half hour for the entire process. You don’t need to stir up anything, so you can relax and enjoy the scent coming from it.

Here is the result after removing the leaves of the rosemary. The water is a clear brown/green and smells great! Let it cool off a bit before pouring it in a container.


I usually stock up my rinse in used plastic water bottles. It’s easier to pour the rinse on your head and good because I recycle too! Simple and really effective, this treatment is highly recommended for  hair without much shape and to treat dry ends too. The scent is awesome and as it is a rinse completely natural without artificial addings, it’s gonna make your hair soft and smell great!

HOW TO USE IT: Every time you wash your hair you need to squeeze out excess water from it, then you simply pour a cup of this rosemary rinse of your head… it’s done! Don’t rinse with water again! It has to stay and dry in your hair! Be sure to cover your ends too!

The first time may be weird to smell like rosemary but trust me, it’s gonna make your hair shine and smell like never on the market. I use only shampoo and this rinse now and my hair, after a cut in November and stopping coloring my hair since then, are soft and shiny without using any artificial conditioner. Trust me and try it out!


Hope you like it! Hugs until next time!

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Hi, I’m finally back with some helpful reviews. Reviews are awesome whether you are trying to decide to buy a product or doing some previous researches and comparing prices. And for a shopaholic like me is a must!

Now, changing topic, as I continue to take notice of what my skin really needs I tend to cut off all the beauty products that irritates my skin. And one treatment that never fails to amaze me is this Eau Thermale by Avène which is the new Holy Grail in my beauty routine.

This product is soothing, calming and relaxing for any kind of skin and especially of course to irritated skins. It’s awesome after shaving, as an after sun and for any kind of redness or swelling.

I break out quite a lot around my mouth and chin so I use it to calm down the aching and the swelling of my pimples and as a basic step in my beauty routine. I usually spray it on my face after taking off my make up using my Vichy micellar water (best combo ever!) I will write about it next time…


I spray it whenever I feel my cheeks are hot, too much irritated or dehydrated. I especially recommend it after getting a treatment like a scrub or a facial. It soothes without clogging the pores because is all thermal water and only washes away impurities and such giving skin a natural blast.

For me is a must have for any make up pouch! I usually get, as picture shown, the 300 ml with the freebie of 50 ml to carry around in my bag. It’s really convenient for less than 10 euro. (Italy price) and the mini size is soooo cute and helpful to bring in your purse in any kind of occasions! Even when a mosquito bites you spraying it on the skin will really help a lot calming down the itching.

In conclusion I really recommend this product!  Based on 10 stars I would dare to say that it’s 10/10 full marks! Definitely a must for irritated skins like mine and for really a cheap price too because the bottle really last a long way! I use it everyday and I bought a new bottle yesterday after more than 2 months of spraying and still there’s some more…

Bye and take care until next time! ❤





Hi there! Tonight I’m gonna show you a really effective treatment all made by natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen!

Do you want a brighter complexion?  Using a treatment that even leaves you a really good scent on your sensitive skin?

What we need are only 2 ingredients:

– 1 orange

-2/3 tablespoon of honey


What’s needed is an orange. You will basically use only the skin so the fruit can be eaten after the treatment for a really fresh feeling 😉 

To obtain the small flakes from the orange that will be the mixed to the honey use a grater on the skin of the fruit. When you have grated all the orange it’s time to add honey and… that’s it! 

Fast, simple and really effective on your skin! 😉 Personally I love the scent that my skin will keep even after so many hours. My skin always feels refreshed and brighter.

DSCF4481 DSCF4482

I use it after a bath or a hot shower so my skin is ready to absorb all properly.

I slather the mixture on my skin and then let it dry out for 20/30 minutes. It stings a bit the first time cause your pores are gonna shrink, nothing to worry about anyway… Keep it on as much as you like even more as I previously told. After that I usually scrub it on my skin the remainings for 2/3 minutes to let my skin soften and properly squeeze out all of the juice.

The result is impressive: with a natural glow your skin feels amazing!


I personally use it 2 times per week and because the ingredients are safe and completely natural your skin is gonna only get brighter with no other after effects.

Of course if you live in a really sunny place make sure to do the treatment at night and don’t expose yourself immediately after it. During the night your skin will be able to restore and not get burned easily the morning after!

I suggest to wear a sunblock to avoid any problems at least for the day after!

Try it and let me know how it worked on you! 😉



My skin tends to break out more frequently during this season. Stress, makeup and other things like a wrong scrub (too strong and rough), could make skin more sensitive and easily prone to acne or pimples. 

Last night some of the pimples that I can’t seem to win around my jaw line, started to ache really badly, so I resorted to my infallible method: Chamomile tea bags.

Why chamomile is a lifesaver when treating skin?

  • Because its delicate and can be used when you need to calm down your redness, swelling, horrible break outs and other kind of things related to pain.
  • It’s even really effective when you need to brighten up your tone. (no more dull skin)
  • Has a whitening effect if you use it constantly. So don’t use lemon but chamomile instead if you want to obtain whiter and clear skin! Lemon can be more aggressive and has a side effect that can bring you more problems: dries out your skin with no improvement whatsoever!

Every once in a while when you notice that your face is getting greyish from stress – smog – dead cells, use this method of mine! You will see immediate improvements ♥


I have already wrote about the green tea bag method in a previous post, that could be used as a toner or to lighten and give some relief to eye-circles, but the chamomile is definitely better if you need to treat your pimples. You will use something natural and absolutely helpful so your skin will be thankful.

I drink often chamomile and such, so in my kitchen there’s always some tea bag to come on hand when needed.

So what is the right method to lessen the aching of pimples? Boil some water, not too much, or the chamomile will be too diluted (half cup is enough) and then when is ready, put 4/5 chamomile bags in the water. Let it stay for about 5 minutes and then it starts the magic! I use hot/warm water for this treatment so the pores will open up and the chamomile will work immediately.

Use your common kitchen paper, fold it in some stripes like bandages and then dip them in the chamomile. You basically need to cover up the areas with your pimples with the papers and then you will feel immediately relieved from the pain. Do it continuously for about 20 minutes or less and the pain will disappear. The trick is to be continuous, and if the water gets cold then reboil it and start again

I repeat this treatment when necessary but you can do it every night cause chamomile soothes the skin making it pretty and smooth. I used to do it every 2 days in the past and the outcome was absolutely fabulous! Bright, clear skin and no pimples. (I was lazy this year around)


I will continue the treatment 3 times per week. I can see easily even after only one treatment my skin pretty and more clear, the redness and swelling of my pimples reduced and my face look less stressed.

You can do this treatment with cold water too if you want, but instead of work on pimples and redness will keep your skin hydrated and smooth, clear and soft to the touch.

We all think that to maintain a healthy skin we need to drink a lot, I do it too, but the truth is that water can be used topically to lighten wrinkles. Chamomile is amazing for wrinkles treatment too, cause it allows the skin to be more supple and radiant. This is why it’s important to hydrate the skin as much as possible from within and from outside. I used to have one line on my forehead but with this treatment I had a really improvement, it appears only when I’m really stressed out.

So try this method, and let me know your experience!


Bye, see you next time 🙂



Skinfood is an affordable Korean brand which sells products inspired by nature and containing a high amount of nutrients from fruits/vegetables/ and everything that’s natural and good for health.

Eating your veggies will make your body healthier, this is known, but Skinfood tried to extract the awesome properties of nature to obtain different beauty treatments to use topically, like smoothies directly made by fresh fruits for skin.


There are many lines and treatments made by this brand specifically studied for different kind of skins.

If you desire to achieve whiter and bright skin then you should try the tomato line which has whitening power, cucumber is for fresh and supple skin, honey for dry skin…





But today I’m gonna write about their nail polishes made by natural ingredients that helped my nails to return healthy: NAIL VITA.

“VITA” in italian means “LIFE”, so I’m glad that this brand used a word of my own language to express their message: “Bring life to nails”.


Firstly I have to say that my nails weren’t in good condition some months ago because of my particular diet that preclude me from eating dairy food and eggs (I’m intolerant). So I have always wanted a product that could help to harden and protect my nails from breaking too much since I don’t earn calcium and other proper minerals from food…

So what could I have done to make my nails stronger and resilient?

On Ebay I won some bedding on nail polishes from Korea all branded Skinfood. It was really a good bargain like less than 2 dollars per item with free shipment. I didn’t try this brand before so it was like: “Let’s find out how it is!”

Here in Italy, as always when it comes on beauty products, it’s rare to find nail polishes for cheap unless they are chinese versions of famous brands. Normally nail polishes here cost at least 8 euro (11 $) and are sold in common supermarkets (brands like Deborah, Rimmel…) but the colours are always dark and awful and the prices are still too much for my purse… So I was like in a swamp…

Then I tried the pharmacy. I thought to take something really effective, and cure my nails properly… But nail treatments would cost me at least 12-14 euro (16 – 18 $) and they are strangely not effective on me. I tried a lot but always without improvement.
And so, after so many difficulties, I resorted to my always faithful friend EBAY…


NAIL VITA SKINFOOD’s Nut Hardner can make your nails naturally strong using its extract of PINE NUT. (If it wouldn’t be effective at least I would have a transparent nail polish to use as top coat but instead I was really surprised about its quality…)


There are 3 products to use at the same time to make the treatment work wonderfully: Nut hardener – Base coat – top coat.


PRICE: It’s really cheap. Got it for less than 2,50 $ on Ebay and tried it immediately after receiving it. (even if you get it at full price we are talking about 3-4 $ maximum so is really affordable)

CONSISTENCY: It’s transparent and durable. You can wear it all the time since it’s a proper treatment and it’s really effective, even on my fragile nails…

HOW MUCH OF IT: After it peels off you can re-apply it without any problem, not bothering about the fact that you should let your nails breath (yellowish nails are a sign of not receiving enough fresh air, you should always let your nails free for about 1-2 days per week, even few hours can help).

THE RESULT: This treatment really helps a lot. I used it continuously for 2 weeks and then my nails became more resilient… Even now, that I finished the entire bottle, I can still see my nails strong and healthy. (I will order more of it 🙂 of course)


As my personal opinion SKINFOOD’S NAIL VITA Nut Hardner is effective and helps a lot fragile and uneven nails. It has a good smell which I like soooo much, (it smells really like pine nut). And can definitely be a huge help for your problems if you are prone to break your nails often like me.

I have of the same line “Nail vita” other 3 colours: orange, turquoise and green with glitter… I love them all and I can see the difference with other brands of nail polishes (italian and non) that instead now appear to me not so good…


I have to admit that since I tried korean beauty products my world changed and my point of view too. I can see the difference with occidental products that now to me appear of no use.

The point is always to try new things until you find the perfect match with your skin, body, hair… And I think korean products are the best for me since I have pale skin tone, some problems with pimples and uneven/dull skin tone that I could cure with products from this country. My hair is pretty with the help of Ryeo’s red shampoo and my nails strong with the Skinfood’s Nail vita.

So find your match and leave a message about your beauty history!
Bye and always feel good in your skin 🙂


I bought a lot of korean products during the past year (free trial products too) and I can say to have knowledge on this particular topic. On Ebay I won a lot of great deals and on other sites you can buy directly from Korea all your favourites products! I love to have the possibility to choose!

Getting back on the topic… Etude House is a korean brand for young women (target 15- 30) who like princess-like, cute and colorful products. They sell really cute packaging and truly effective beauty products for a reasonable price. In the years it even became the 1st in place for K-POP beauty make up on the market, this is why their testimonials are K-POP artists. 


Korean brands comes in a wide range and are pretty different in prices, packaging and scents. From Hera to Sulwhasoo, Scinic and SkinFood I tried a lot of creams, emulsions and other stuff and I can say I’m satisfied about these brands.



But today I’m gonna start my diary review on :
Etude’s House Duo Moistfull Collagen Water Freshener & Emulsion:

The ingredients: COLLAGEN is the base of wonderful beauty treatments sold in Asia. It helps the skin regeneration and to stay young and beautiful.

The packaging is cute (orange-red) and comes in bottles which is good, so you will have something girly around the bathroom or your room to see. I really like this brand for this reason because every single product comes in a cute packaging.

The scent is the same for both of them, delicate and good. It’s not too strong so you will feel happy to dab them onto your skin. The scent it does stay for a while so as you prefer you can use it as a base under your makeup or just during the evening, as a final layer at the end of the day.

The consistency of the emulsion is like cream/gel, it’s light and white, good for massaging the treatment on your skin. You just need a tiny amount of it to feel your skin super moistened and silky to the touch. The water is fresh and really delicate on the skin.

The effect is wonderful! Your skin will turn whiter and silky smooth after only one use. I usually dab them in the evening before going to bed and the morning after the skin is smooth and pretty to see. Especially on the cheeks I can see the improvement of my skin. (cheeks are important so you have to always take care of them properly, cause they are the key to a younger looking appearance.)




Of course, as always with korean/asian products, you have to use the right products in the right order. The Freshener goes before the Emulsion, so you dab the first onto your skin with fingers or cotton massaging it well and when it’s dried you use the Emulsion.



The Duo works really good together and I will buy the other products of the same line to follow the right order of application.

The price is affordable and there are different kits on sale on the net which sells them in combination with other products of the same line too. (cream, eye cream…) Try it and let me know your opinion!


Bye and enjoy your beautiful skin! 🙂


I’m a big fan of asian beauty treatments. I tend to my skin a lot and I like to take care of my hair too. Because I keep my hair really long and I used to bleach them a lot with red dye, which I don’t do it anymore, my hair now is dry and I have split ends everywhere.

I’m a natural cold toned brunette, the tone is really cold, this is why I tried to bleach them in a more warm color. But now I have to admit, after years of bleaching, that my natural color suits me better and can definitely make me look younger. I’m planning in the next weeks to go asking the coiffeur for a natural balayage, so no more dye on the entire hair.

So, now that I’m pretty sure of what will be of my hair in the near future, I need to talk about a great shampoo I’m using right now, a shampoo that worked wonderfully on me:
Ryeo red shampoo is a Korean product (brand Amore Pacific) for damaged hair who had been bleached, treated chemically or put under stressful styling. I came to know this product after winning it on Ebay. It was a bedding and a nice one I have to admit! I won 2 red shampoo ryeo of 250 gr for least than 6 dollars with free shipment. It was pretty awesome I know, because as I search now for buying more I can see that the price is much higher compared of what I payed.


Korean and japanese products for hair are absolutely the best. Why? Because asian women usually bleach their hair to a more appealing brown and chestnut color. Not to mention the continue change in styling (straight, curl…), which cause to their hair a need of nourishing treatments. The ingredients are usually extracts from plants, erbs and flowers (like Camellia) and the competition in the beauty field between brands is high, so there’s always on the market something new and more powerful.

For example I personally tried the japanese Tsubaki set too in red/white and gold, all of them are pretty good and I will write a post on it next time, but I find that the Ryeo’s shampoo line it is still better in scent and treatment.

I like the rich erb scent of ryeo’s and the awesome thing is that the scent stays in the hair for at least 2/3 days. My dad loves this scent 🙂 and I love it too. It’s like having my hair always freshly clean… My hair feels amazing and after some shampoos I could see definitely the results:

My hair is super-shiny which I never was able to obtain with other brands/masks/oils and they are straight too. I mean, I have natural straight hair but they are always all over the place because I don’t use the straightener but now they are so good to menage. So my final opinion is that from the moment I started to use this shampoo I saw a really huge improvement.


I really recommend it as it is for me the best treatment for hair. I have only used so far the shampoo (and it’s great how my hair is so beautiful without even the help of conditioner or mask), and when I will find a good deal on the net I will buy the red shampoo and conditioner set for sure.

Ryeo’s sells different colored packaging shampoos/conditioner which are meant for different kind of hair. Just look for what you need. If you have some informations or questions about this topic you are all free to leave a message.

Internet is such a good vehicle for reviews and such, let’s make a good use of it girls!
Bye 🙂


Do you know about the multiple uses of ALOE VERA? This awesome and natural ingredient for skin beauty, that really helps in different occasions and ways, is my beauty secret treatment…

images (4)

I use it often as I sincerely like its light texture, like densed water, and its ability to make my skin feel intensely hydrated without stickiness or any kind of rich smell.

1. Aloe vera is usually used as a treatment for sun burn which is really a powerful resource indeed, but not the only one:

2. For example I use it on my skin after getting rid of hairs (like on my legs) and I can really feel and see as a result the redness and swelling go down faster because of it. I’m obsessed when it comes to hairs so this is really a great help because I often need this treatment to freshen up my skin. Let it dry out after massaging it and immediately after you will feel sooooo refreshed!

3. You can use it even as a hydrating body cream. After a shower in the summer I use it as much as I like without worrying of worsening the pimples on my skin or without feeling discomfort because it doesn’t contain any rich perfume. So, aloe is really a great solution if you hate perfumed creams, or if you hate the stickiness you feel even after wearing clothes.

4. I use it even around my dark circles when I feel that the skin is really dry and to feel a fresh feeling on my eye.

5. Try it on your hair! On my split ends worked wonderfully. Dry hair will feel silky smooth using aloe! Just brush your hair and add aloe 2 or 3 times as a layer. Dry it out completely and then the miracle is done 🙂

6. You can use it as an antibacterial too: this is why it’s a must when you feel your skin is itching because of your pimples or after a mosquito bite.

7. If you feel hot because of the fever or you are just over-heated after sport or you’ve just had a stressful day, try it on your forehead and cheeks. It’s like trying a cold compress.

8. It’s a useful pimple treatment with some additional ingredients. Because aloe it’s antibacterial, you can spread it on your face and let it dry out as a beauty mask to hydrate and getting rid of pimples. (use for example lemon, green clay or tea tree oil and mix it well)

So, as you can see, there’s a lot that aloe vera can do for you.
I really recommend it, but you have to keep in mind also few basics:
Aloe vera is usually better in a high % rate, because you can definitely have a better and more natural product.

So choose at least 90 % aloe vera or over when it comes to gel or products with it.

Keep it far away from hot places.
Cooled down is awesome… You can keep it in your fridge to have a cool mask always ready and a great help especially after epilation.

You will never have bad reactions with it because it’s super natural and free of perfumes (if you buy the original gel type of course)


If you are lucky enough to have the aloe plant in your house, then you only need to break a leaf and see for yourself the gel coming out from it. The gel will be 100 % pure aloe vera, completely free of any kind of other artificial stuff they usually add in it.

I’m using this one right now ——–> NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA, It’s really a good product from Korea.

images (3)

So you only have to try it, and if you know other ways to use this awesome product let me know by posting a message! I’m really happy to learn something from you all!

See you next time! 🙂