Hi! Today let’s learn a new way to nourish ourselves through oils!

Oils are important for our skin as it is a natural way to replenish hydration and moisture that aging, weather and stress can strip off from our face and body. Oils and oil-creams are meant to be used after baths and showers to properly hydrate even the deepest tissues of the skin, even more if you tend to use hot water for baths and showers since it’s more aggressive.

For the face we usually use oil cleansers, oils for demaquillage, in forms of serums or beauty oils for rejuvenation. But did you know that you can use oils to cure hair loss and to make your eyelashes pop out like no mascara can?


Let’s learn how:

CASTOR OIL is a really powerful source on fatty acids and vitamins that can support the growth of hair and hairs. Definitely a must if you ruined your eyelashes due to excessive mascara usage or simply you don’t have many of them or are too short. I really recommend it if you are searching for a natural way to make them grow back or enhance them.

This treatment it’s painless, cheap and easy to do so you should definitely try it out and see for yourself. First thing is to find a 100 % cold pressed castor oil and you can buy it for cheap (like 6-10 $) for a bottle of 100 ml. Since a blottle goes a really long way even if you use it on your scalp for hair growth I suggest to only buy 1 at a time.

The oil is thick and dark yellow, some people like to add some other oils like avocado or vitamin E since they find it too thick for usage but in my opinion the growth power goes down a little. I like to use it as it is with an eyelash comb on my eyelashes and brows and leave it for many hours. I usually apply it after taking off my makeup and having my shower/bath. When I go to bed I use a cotton pad to just wipe the excess off and the morning after when I wash my face I can see my eyelashes full and long.


This treatment is not meant to be done everyday since it’s not like they grow forever, I do it twice or thrice a week and it’s really effective. Believe me and try it too!




The quality of the scan this time turned out bad but the original is way better. I wanted to draw something different with a new allure, I worked more on the expression than on my skills. It was quite a challenge since I usually focus more on the perfection of the lines and the tecnique. Turned out good I guess.

For my portraits I really love drawing eyes and the wrinkles on the lips, I might just make some studies on them just to focus on the different shapes and colors.


I love Pony (Park Hye Min), as you may already know, and I watched her on YouTube since she was way less famous… but her transformation in Taylor Swift, in her last video, was just too amazing to only watch and not share with you!

As a professional self-taught makeup artist she knows how to work with makeup but to change so much her features to become like Taylor she proved once more her impressive ability.

Koreans netizens and now even in Usa are all around the internet to search for her bio, especially her age and if she went to a MUA professional school to achieve such good skills.

She is around 27/29 years if I’m right with my guess, no makeup school and been around since a teenager as a model, then youtuber and right now she sponsors her own beauty line under Memebox. She has lots of talent and a really personal fashion sense that is clearly visible on her Instagram.

I like her and I think she will be even more popular in the future as her videos are going viral so fast and make a sensation around people. Wishing her the best!



My skin is really sensitive so I need to be careful when putting on makeup, treating my skin with creams and of course when taking off makeup too. As I tend to get redness around my chin, mouth and cheeks when a product is more aggressive than others I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect item.

And I finally can say, after 6 months of continue use, that my skin has finally found the perfect match! VICHY PURETE THERMALE 3 in 1 is my one and only one product for demaquillage.

3 in 1: 

  • cleansing
  • demaquillage (for eyes and waterproof makeup too)
  • soothing


Personally I love this product and I will never change it. I use it in combo with the EAU THERMALE AVENE that I wrote about in a previous post: after demaquillage I spray 2 or 3 times the EAU THERMALE and I can really feel my skin is able to breath and get soothed. (This past summer I put them in the fridge to have them always cool and fresh when it was time to take off my makeup)

My skin was in a terrible state during past spring but I feel that this product helped me a lot taking care of my troubled t-zone. Now my skin is clear and I don’t have redness anymore.

It is said to be a popular item used behind the fashion shows to take off makeup from the models. This is true because if you check on some pics of the most famous backstages you can definitely see this product on the makeup tables.


  • cheap (big size is 400 ml and around 15 -16 euro)
  • really gentle on skin
  •  for every kind of skin
  • no need for toner (already in)
  • really soothing
  • not aggressive on sensitive skin
  • fresh feeling
  • no redness
  • no need to wash off
  • no parfume


  • not always in stock
  • difficult to find

I found a Pharmacy here in Italy that sell products with huge discounts so I can get it without trouble for my wallet, it needs to be shipped (400 ml are a lot, I usually finish it in 3-4 months) and it’s usually difficult to find it in stock. When I needed it the past summer I searched on the net for another one where I could buy it here in Italy, and in the end it was impossible to find it, so I waited for a restock in my usual Pharmacy.

I hope this product will never disappear from the market because sometimes it happens even to awesome products like this one.

Bye and let me know if you are a fan of this product too! ❤



 As you may already know looking through my archive and reviews, I’m a huge fan of Korean products and their fashion. (Hera, Etude House, Ryeo and korean brands clothes on YESSTYLE) I watch korean dramas too and even though I don’t speak a single word of korean I can manage to understand their culture and traditions.

Everyday I look through the net searching for new trends and some years ago I happened to notice a really gorgeous self-made makeup artist: Park Hye Min aka Pony’s Beauty on Youtube. She’s beautiful and so talented! She even published books (sold in all Asia) on how to reproduce her numerous makeups and she recently released, as a collaboration, a memebox sold out in less than an hour.

This is the advertising for the memebox, the model is herself:


She already had a beauty line under her name but she made the big change going international. She was known in all Asia as a past Ullzzang, active Youtuber and model (search for Gabalmania, Kitsch Island…) but now she reached US too. Go girl! I’m a big fan of hers so I’m really happy.

Curios about her age/ her background/ her boyfriend? On the net is difficult to find infos about her life and the only thing we know for sure, as it was once said from her in a Q&A video is that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 8 years. Her boyfriend on INSTAGRAM is called vivus_vici search for him or through her tags. PONY’s age is unknown to the public, she never stated it before, even so I think she is around 28-32 years and to be so young and good at what she does for a living is pretty amazing. She has been on the net for so many years as a self-made makeup artist on Youtube and before that on her blog. Because she’s the ambassador for so many famous international brands we can see her often on Instagram visiting the US, London, Paris and other asian countries. She’s the makeup artist of the beautiful korean singer CL.



Hi! It’s been some time from the last post. I accumulated a lot of things to write about cause my house is under renovation. I’ve been busy cleaning up and ordering around what I wanted to others 😉 The good news is that one of my two gardens is finally taking shape and becoming a “true garden” which for me is a place were not only flowers are meant to be. Fruits and scented plants are a must for every garden and without them I don’t feel like it’s complete.

But first things first: Today is Sunday and it’s 9 in the morning. One of my cats is near my pc sleeping and I finally have time to write about my DIY ROSEMARY RINSE!



  • – Rosemary
  • Water


My rosemary is growing up finely without any worries, for this DIY I cut some branches to make the rinse. The amount depends on how much water you use and the quantity you want to stock up. The more the merrier in this case it’s not appropriate. Even so if you like a strong scent or you used too much, no problems, just keep in mind that when it’s time to rinse you will use less of it, cause it’s really effective!


Boil the water till you see this white foam appear and then let it boil a bit more. The rinse should be light green/brown. Wait till the oils contained in the rosemary are released and mixed in the water. It usually take half hour for the entire process. You don’t need to stir up anything, so you can relax and enjoy the scent coming from it.

Here is the result after removing the leaves of the rosemary. The water is a clear brown/green and smells great! Let it cool off a bit before pouring it in a container.


I usually stock up my rinse in used plastic water bottles. It’s easier to pour the rinse on your head and good because I recycle too! Simple and really effective, this treatment is highly recommended for  hair without much shape and to treat dry ends too. The scent is awesome and as it is a rinse completely natural without artificial addings, it’s gonna make your hair soft and smell great!

HOW TO USE IT: Every time you wash your hair you need to squeeze out excess water from it, then you simply pour a cup of this rosemary rinse of your head… it’s done! Don’t rinse with water again! It has to stay and dry in your hair! Be sure to cover your ends too!

The first time may be weird to smell like rosemary but trust me, it’s gonna make your hair shine and smell like never on the market. I use only shampoo and this rinse now and my hair, after a cut in November and stopping coloring my hair since then, are soft and shiny without using any artificial conditioner. Trust me and try it out!


Hope you like it! Hugs until next time!

Pusheen as a unicorn. Pusheen is one of the few Facebook characters that shows animation. In this sticker in the app, Pusheen's hair and whiskers undulate in the wind. CREDIT: Facebook


Hi, I’m finally back with some helpful reviews. Reviews are awesome whether you are trying to decide to buy a product or doing some previous researches and comparing prices. And for a shopaholic like me is a must!

Now, changing topic, as I continue to take notice of what my skin really needs I tend to cut off all the beauty products that irritates my skin. And one treatment that never fails to amaze me is this Eau Thermale by Avène which is the new Holy Grail in my beauty routine.

This product is soothing, calming and relaxing for any kind of skin and especially of course to irritated skins. It’s awesome after shaving, as an after sun and for any kind of redness or swelling.

I break out quite a lot around my mouth and chin so I use it to calm down the aching and the swelling of my pimples and as a basic step in my beauty routine. I usually spray it on my face after taking off my make up using my Vichy micellar water (best combo ever!) I will write about it next time…


I spray it whenever I feel my cheeks are hot, too much irritated or dehydrated. I especially recommend it after getting a treatment like a scrub or a facial. It soothes without clogging the pores because is all thermal water and only washes away impurities and such giving skin a natural blast.

For me is a must have for any make up pouch! I usually get, as picture shown, the 300 ml with the freebie of 50 ml to carry around in my bag. It’s really convenient for less than 10 euro. (Italy price) and the mini size is soooo cute and helpful to bring in your purse in any kind of occasions! Even when a mosquito bites you spraying it on the skin will really help a lot calming down the itching.

In conclusion I really recommend this product!  Based on 10 stars I would dare to say that it’s 10/10 full marks! Definitely a must for irritated skins like mine and for really a cheap price too because the bottle really last a long way! I use it everyday and I bought a new bottle yesterday after more than 2 months of spraying and still there’s some more…

Bye and take care until next time! ❤





Hi there! Tonight I’m gonna show you a really effective treatment all made by natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen!

Do you want a brighter complexion?  Using a treatment that even leaves you a really good scent on your sensitive skin?

What we need are only 2 ingredients:

– 1 orange

-2/3 tablespoon of honey


What’s needed is an orange. You will basically use only the skin so the fruit can be eaten after the treatment for a really fresh feeling 😉 

To obtain the small flakes from the orange that will be the mixed to the honey use a grater on the skin of the fruit. When you have grated all the orange it’s time to add honey and… that’s it! 

Fast, simple and really effective on your skin! 😉 Personally I love the scent that my skin will keep even after so many hours. My skin always feels refreshed and brighter.

DSCF4481 DSCF4482

I use it after a bath or a hot shower so my skin is ready to absorb all properly.

I slather the mixture on my skin and then let it dry out for 20/30 minutes. It stings a bit the first time cause your pores are gonna shrink, nothing to worry about anyway… Keep it on as much as you like even more as I previously told. After that I usually scrub it on my skin the remainings for 2/3 minutes to let my skin soften and properly squeeze out all of the juice.

The result is impressive: with a natural glow your skin feels amazing!


I personally use it 2 times per week and because the ingredients are safe and completely natural your skin is gonna only get brighter with no other after effects.

Of course if you live in a really sunny place make sure to do the treatment at night and don’t expose yourself immediately after it. During the night your skin will be able to restore and not get burned easily the morning after!

I suggest to wear a sunblock to avoid any problems at least for the day after!

Try it and let me know how it worked on you! 😉



Hi there! Hope you all had a wonderful new year’s beginning!

Today I’m gonna write about a hot topic that as a woman I particularly sport: balanced diet!

How to achieve and how to maintain a diet regimen may appear difficult or impossible at times: work, family, children, even pets can occupy so much of your time in your daily routine that you don’t have enough left to think about good balanced meals.


Here in Italy there’s the so-called “Mediterranean diet” that is known for being balanced and having a lot of good nutrients from vegetable and fruits (citrus fruits), plus carbohydrates from pasta and extra virgin oil tha contains good lipids for a balanced diet.

We usually eat fresh products and it’s known that non – processed food is healthier and contains more minerals and vitamins that would have been cut off when boiled, cooked or preserved in the cold of a refrigerator.

  • 1st rule of a balanced diet is to try to add in your meals as many fresh products as possible. Go to the market more often and buy fresh products! Of course you need time for it so choose vegetables that last more days like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Your fridge should have always stored them.
  • 2nd rule is to “COMPENSATE”! Don’t stuff yourself all day with fatty chips, cakes and such! If you eat too much in one time or you always eat fatty things then it’s natural to gain weight. To prevent it you need to watch what you eat. If you eat for example for lunch a high calories sandwich or a set meal at MacDonald, for dinner you try to eat something fresh and good for your body to lessen your calories income per day
  • 3rd rule be creative when you can ! Try new recipes, enjoy a new food regimen! Use different vegetables and fruits, your kitchen should become your space to conquer new possibilities. Invest some time in it, because your health will be better.
  • 4th rule try to be as colorful as possible. Vegetables and fruits are colorful, use as many as you can when you prepare smoothies, sandwiches, appetizers… Those colors are full of different vitamins and minerals that are so good for your body health!

Color Code of Restorative Nutrition_02


  • 5th rule prepare meals in advance and storage them! Use lunch boxes and bring them with you! It’s healthier and cheaper too! This is a trick to always eat good balanced meals when at work or away from home. Enjoy them with your family at a picnic, colleagues in the office…
  • 6th rule use less salt and sugar and add seasonings to your meals! Salt can be pretty dangerous when taken too much during our life, this is why cut down on it and use seasonings instead! The same goes with refined sugar. Use honey or raw sugar to add some taste to your tea or cakes. This will prevent dangerous situations for the future, and about salt, less water retained especially if you are a woman and tend to have cellulite and circulations problems in your legs.
  • 7th rule drink natural water! Not the one with bubbles in it! It’s something that may be obvious but it’s true! Water hydrates your body and especially your skin. For a younger look drink water!



So, try these rules and let me know your experiences and stories!

For now bye and stay healthy!



Hi, during the past months I crazily searched for a cute dress to wear on Christmas’s day and the result is that I had dozens of “save for later” clothes on different shopping websites. (Asos, Yesstyle, Zalando, Abercrombie…) It’s quite comic how I can be so indecisive at times… 🙂

I was searching basically for an elegant/cute outfit to wear on that day and to be good enough to wear in other different occasions, like weddings, party’s and such. This is my personal first trick: choose always a dress that can be used for multiple purposes, so you will save money later. 

For a well made dress you need to set firstly a price. With the bad economy here in Italy a 50 euro dress (62 $) is good enough but definitely not a well made one. You can’t expect silk or refined dresses but it’s a good bargain if you find a good chance. Still I think that even if we don’t have enough money, and here I’m talking about women, we tend to save up for a better dress instead of setting for a “not so pretty” outfit. We want to appear beautiful and feel reassured too, so if we wear something we are not sure about we tend to be less happy and friendlier with others. We want the “WOW” effect this is why we should always choose something that make us feel the best.

The second trick to save money is simple and maybe not good for anyone but definitely a good opportunity to challenge themselves in being creative: You need to buy an only outfit for both Christmas and New Eve!

Christmas is usually spent with family, New Eve with friends, lover… So the people you see on these days might be different, and in case you spend both with your boyfriend/husband you have to know that they usually don’t pay attention to what you wear. Mens are pretty dense at times… So if you are on a tight budget buy one dress and just make a change with accessories!

  • Stilettos, bright and precious jewels, elegant pochette and a sophisticated make up and hair do for New Eve
  • Boots, cozy and soft knitwear, red or white tights, cute hat and funny bag for Christmas

So for today I’m gonna write about how to save money and to style a single outfit for different occasions:

  • Sometimes it’s better to choose a skirt instead of a dress.
  • Furry dresses are a must for Christmas!
  • Leggings and soft socks are really recommended
  • Red, white, green do a perfect match
  • Cozy, cute and pretty knitwear are the best!

This year I chose a checkered red dress, black tights, knee boots, cute cape and white hat and scarf. I personally sport cute outfits even if I’m 25 years old… It makes me feel better and kind of nostalgic. I often remember my mom dressing me up when I was a child with pretty dresses and bows… I loved how she was trying to make me look cute and pretty. I think it’s because of my surroundings that I’ve been able to learn how to dress myself up.

Here below I chose some looks to copy or to give you simply some inspiration. Try to remember that It’s not needed that you buy every year a new outfityou can use whatever you have in your wardrobe that makes you feel good. Just add a bit of accessories or a cute thing and the look is complete!

For example re-use a skirt of the last year and match it with a cozy pullover and white socks, try pants, try a different look or a dress that you never worn before and that has been in your wardrobe for some time… (I do it a lot!)

TFE-157 (2)-500x500 0006896071 0006896334 0007803232 0008942084_edited


As you can see this year is the year of knitwear especially dresses... why? Because it’s definitely a smart choice! You can add accessories, belts, change tights, shoes… and the look will be completely different. This is why you can always re-use this type of dress to New Eve too. And there’s something even more exciting about this type of outfit… If you are gonna eat a lot like me, then it’s a good choice, it will cover up your belly enough to make you appear as slim as before you have sat down to eat with your family…

Have fun in these festivities and cherish who you love with all your heart.