• Hi, I’m Eva. I am an artist graduated from Art School, then went into Bio-Architecture and finished with History… I studied… A lot!
  • I’m a creative mind, always searching for new things to make and bake. 
  • I love to cook delicious food and especially to feed others, this is why my friends call me “mom” or “granny” since I keep feeding them when going on a picnic or for dinners.
  • I have 8 cats at home and I love them to death. I am their “mom” so be nice to kitties if you want to follow me ! 🙂
  • I used to suffer of extreme insomnia (not sleeping for 48/72 straight hours) and this is why my blog is called “notsleepingatnight” since I kept writing my posts at night to pass the time. Right now I sleep quite well but my blog’s name is still the same, I got used to it.
  • I worked as an italian/english translator for quite some time during my Uni days to pay for the books and stuff. 

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