Hi! Today let’s learn a new way to nourish ourselves through oils!

Oils are important for our skin as it is a natural way to replenish hydration and moisture that aging, weather and stress can strip off from our face and body. Oils and oil-creams are meant to be used after baths and showers to properly hydrate even the deepest tissues of the skin, even more if you tend to use hot water for baths and showers since it’s more aggressive.

For the face we usually use oil cleansers, oils for demaquillage, in forms of serums or beauty oils for rejuvenation. But did you know that you can use oils to cure hair loss and to make your eyelashes pop out like no mascara can?


Let’s learn how:

CASTOR OIL is a really powerful source on fatty acids and vitamins that can support the growth of hair and hairs. Definitely a must if you ruined your eyelashes due to excessive mascara usage or simply you don’t have many of them or are too short. I really recommend it if you are searching for a natural way to make them grow back or enhance them.

This treatment it’s painless, cheap and easy to do so you should definitely try it out and see for yourself. First thing is to find a 100 % cold pressed castor oil and you can buy it for cheap (like 6-10 $) for a bottle of 100 ml. Since a blottle goes a really long way even if you use it on your scalp for hair growth I suggest to only buy 1 at a time.

The oil is thick and dark yellow, some people like to add some other oils like avocado or vitamin E since they find it too thick for usage but in my opinion the growth power goes down a little. I like to use it as it is with an eyelash comb on my eyelashes and brows and leave it for many hours. I usually apply it after taking off my makeup and having my shower/bath. When I go to bed I use a cotton pad to just wipe the excess off and the morning after when I wash my face I can see my eyelashes full and long.


This treatment is not meant to be done everyday since it’s not like they grow forever, I do it twice or thrice a week and it’s really effective. Believe me and try it too!