Hi everyone! Today it’s time to reveal some truth behind the scene of a popular series that’s been aired since 2014 and is currently in his 4th season.

Since the beginning of 1st season there’s always been  a lot of questions and perplexities around this family of 9 who claims to live wild in the Alaskan bush in search of their freedom to live the way the want: close to nature.

I watched really carefully the entire series so I can claim, even knowing the questions and false accusations, that this family is true and they are not made by actors at all. The proof of what I’m saying are the numerous photos of the family with their children since they were small and no one can say that they are not the same since the faces are pretty much all recognizable… They all have distinctive traits so it’s easy to see the resemblance: Gabes’ face and pose, Bam has always worn glasses, the adorable nose of Noah and Matt is the older one and is in every photo. The girls are of course the last of the group but they have photos too of their childhood in the bush. Small Rainy and young Snowbird are cute as always and Billy and Ami appear in the pics holding their children.

Of course some of the things sayed by them in the show are a bit exaggerated for example like they never knew what’s a smart phone, a pc or internet since there are traces of them even on YouTube (Gabe posted a video when younger about his father’s book) but this doesn’t mean that they usually live in normal houses or that they go shopping every day for food. They travelled a lot, lived on boats and different areas of Alaska and the States so it’s normal they know all the amenities we all use. It’s not like they lived completely alone for years in caves, they meet other people and they talk to them so it’s only understandable something like this.

Billy and Ami are the parents of 7 children (5 boys-2 girls) and they dreamed of a big happy family since the beginning of their journey together. She was 15 when they met and a runaway while he was in his mid 20’s coming from a painful past of losing his family (both parents and pageant sister) in a plane accident when he was 17. He talked about that period of his life as without purpose. While he didn’t know what to do with his life, he got together with a girl and had a child with her (she then visited Browntown in an episode), then they split up and after many years he met Ami. For them living free in the nature means everything and even though there were times of difficulties and serious health issues (seizures for Billy and neck arthritis and teeth to be fixed for Ami) they still hope to see their children marry and have grandchildren as soon as possible… Ami especially would like to see children playing around in the bush and the cabins of their boys with wives near the main one so they could have a bigger happy family in the future calling their little place in the woods “Browntown”. Billy after retiring from boat fishing (the entire family lived on boats for years) became a book author (see “One wave at a time”) and this is how they survive with odd jobs and using their boats to transport things.

Matt is the oldest son and the odd one… the curly dreamer of the group with unusual ideas to build a house for himself. See the attempt of making his house out of kitchen plastic wrap or the small hole under a tree where he claimed he would make his room. He’s certainly a weird person to begin with. He found a friend in Hoonah who thinks like him and they like to go to the dump to find things to bring home. He is a good-looking man in his 30’s as you can see but a bit immature. At the end of last season, while Billy and Bam were in jail for a month, he messed with alcohol and went to rehab.

Bam Bam aka Joshua is the scrupulous and rational one of the family. He likes to take charge of everything and he plays the older brother role for everyone even upon Matt who is older than him. He was given this nickname when he was a child, Bill and Amie sayed he was alike the Flintstone’s character. He’s a bit cynical but still wants to always help his family out of trouble. He took partly charge even in the case of going to prison due to some problems they had with the Alaskan Government not sure if they lived in Alaska since they miss some proof of their living in the territory (bills and papers) and so they were accused of having inappropriately faked their stay to receive the oil dividend who everyone who lives in Alaska receive once a year.

Gabe is the strongest and the funniest of the group. He likes to play jokes and to mimic popular old actors like Scottish Sean Connery. Nevertheless I find him mature and kind. A positive person who really brings everyone a smile. He is the mechanic of their boats and takes care especially of his brother Bear extremeness.

Bear is the “animal” of the group. He likes to start fires, climb trees and run fast in the woods basically doing parkour. His motto is to always be “extreme” in everything he does. He likes to chat with girls and hope to find a girl as extreme as he his and he got 2 dates who were aired in the episodes. He’s the most instinctive one and the sweetest too, he claimed his dad was his best friend. He likes trees so much that he built his house on a tree hoping to share his house with a girl someday.

Noah is the genius, the inventor and studious type of the family. He likes to dress up in a more formal/goth/historical style. He got injured on one ankle in the past and didn’t completely heal, this is why he always use a cane even thought partly must be because he likes to play the old gentlemen model. He fell in love with Christine a girl who he met through a matchmaker in Hoonah. They met and exchanged letters but she then left for college. He claims often to have been hurt by her and because of the end of their relationship he can’t open up to girls any time soon. He usually works in upgrading Browntown and he succeeded in make some remarkable stuff like: washing machine, shower, heater, electricity and other useful things made of disposed objects coming from the dump of Hoonah. He likes to research on insects and listen to classical music while conduct vivisections like a modern bush coroner.

Snowbird is the oldest girl and first girl of the children. Bill sayed that having had only boys till then they grew up her like a boy. She’s the best in using shotguns and going hunting. She loves to stay in the nature and with her cats and dog Cupcake. She doesn’t like people much. Her best friend is her little sister Rainy and they communicate through a particular code between them.

Rainy aka Raindrop is the little princess of the family. She was 11 when they started the series and as seasons gone by she changed quite a bit from cute girl to teenager who wore heavy makeup and dyed her hair black. She is the fashionable of the group and her brothers when going on dates ask her opinions on their outfit. She doesn’t like to be treated differently by others only because she’s young so she wants to work hard as her brothers and older sister to help the family.

Regardless of what people think you can’t really fake such abilities of surviving in the wild, all the children know how to properly take care of everything including hunting, fishing and built cabins. They are not fake but for the purpose of the show they don’t say everything as the image of bush people is related to uncultivated people poorly dressed with no knowledge of what are the common things we all use everyday. I like this show and all the talk related to being fake makes me frustated because we are talking about living people and not an uthopia. So be good and if you like the show watch it if not just switch to another one.

This was my longest post of all time and I think I wrote pretty much everything. I hope you enjoy this guide if you like the show like myself. Bye and live extreme! ❤


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