You may already know my passion for a tv docu-series called “The last alaskans” since I wrote in the past months another article on this topic. The second season is now here and I’m so happy about it! Right now there’s up to 3rd episode and I felt so good to see everyone again chasing their dream of freedom that I had to write my impression on it!


This series started for nearly everyone with a change in location moving to their oldest cabins. They all returned to the old houses where they spent so many years growing as a family with bittersweet memories of the childhood of their kids. It was emotional right from the start and this season I can see that even the editing is different including more landscapes footage and flashback on the memories of all the families. I guess a lot of people wanted to know more of their past and how they could survive in such a difficult land with small children so there’s a lot more informations on this kind of things.

Heimo Korth and his family is finally all reunited together after so many years in the Alaskan wilderness to build a new cabin on the site near their most loved cabin where the girls grew up and their first baby girl died drowning in the river. The family is really beautiful and you can feel their love for each other. I guess that being together in such a place with no cellphones, pc and other kinds of disturbance can bound people to have deep conversations and a real knowledge of their characters (well even when I was a child myself 20 years ago it was like this). I simply love Heimo and Edna as they seem the most positive, good and genuine people I ever seen in a tv show. Love them to death!

Bob Harte is back after a bad last season when he didn’t succeed in hunting for the meat required for his winter needs, a bear ate all of his stocked provisions and he got involved even in a plane incident that had him return home to his daughter Talisia before the end of the season. Well, this time he’s back with his sweet daughter and ex wife! His faithful dog Ruger is as always his best companion but since he trained him so well and he saw how protective of Talisia he is, he thought of giving him to her so when his daughter returned to Fairbanks after a couple weeks she flew back with the dog leaving Bob all alone. After that his ex wife surprised everyone with her announcement of going to visit him in the cabin. She didn’t want to leave him all alone in the woods. I’m happy to see them sharing these moments because I could feel that he always wanted their return, since when he talked during the first season about his family his eyes were full of tears. He’s currently really sick but wanted to go nevertheless of his conditions in his oldest cabin. His daughter is back there after 20 years and he’s so happy about it that I can feel it too. This season he seems opening up much more in terms of feelings and I like the way he speaks more.

The Selden couple who is thinking of growing the family and the Lewis’ with their 3 adorable daughters are equally working on their upcoming winter. The selden’s hunted succesfully a moose and so they are starting with the right foot since they have more than enough meat for their entire season till spring. The Lewis’ are fixing their oldest cabin to fit the girls in a new room and as they work on it they are reminiscing the memories of their childhood. Simply lovely!

I am waiting every week for the next episode and I will not miss one! And you? What do you think of this series? Do you like to see this kind of documentaries about wild nature and surviving? I will write about the Brown’s family of “Bush people”too soon, so stay tuned.




4 thoughts on “HEIMO IS BACK!

  1. This question is for Heimo. I was curious as to the reasoning for the cabin door to be so short… I am from the Isle of Capri IT.

  2. Hi Quinn Coffey, thanks for reading my thoughts on the show. I am not in contact with the people I wrote about but I think I can answer to your question myself. Low ceiling, short door and small windows are all essentials to keep warmer the cabin during the cold winter. In northern Italy on the Alps you can see cabins like this one in the woods. There’s really no need to place a huge door as it would be totally uneccessary for them. Keep in mind that everything they use to build the house is either made by them or brought through airplain so the size in this case can be even because of it. Hope to have been thorough.

  3. Hello! I ran across your blog looking at pictures of braids, and I kept reading other posts because you seem like a really sweet and delightful person! I just wanted to say that I grew up in Alaska too. Not quite as wild as these people, but my parents built our house by hand with a chainsaw mill and thousands of nails. 🙂

  4. Hi Madeleine! Thanks for your kind words and for reading me! I’m not into writing posts so much anymore even so I feel like I should start again as I felt so happy reading your comments! I want to visit Alaska someday and I am sure your house is amazing because when it’s made with love everything turns out well. Bye and hugs from Italy

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