Hi everyone! Today I’m gonna talk about a “not so new”asian trend of people, and especially cute women, eating loads of food in front of cameras and getting payed for it. Through YouTube and other platforms you can find them using the keywords: Oogui, mukbang.

MUK-BANG: korean online broadcast in which a person eats large quantities of food in front of the viewers connected in the chat (for example afreeca). The host is being tipped by the audience with “balloons” which are actually converted in money. Usually he/she talks through the broadcast and keeps eating for hours.

OOGUI: japanese term meaning “big eater”.

The 31 years old (born 4 February 1985 in Fukuoka) japanese Kinoshita Yuka who is a competitive/heavy eater (Oogui) has been competitive since 2009 and she surely can eat a lot. Everyday she uploads on her YouTube channel named “yuka Kinoshita” new challenges on food that you would totally be surprised for. Often eating over 10.000 kcal per session, she ate alone 12 kg of cake, 100 hamburgers, 50 donuts for 14.000 kcal and so on… Her appetite is amazing!

She was noticed from people outside Japan after she uploaded the “100 hamburger challenge” in 2014 and since then she became a total sensation through the net all over the world (you can find the video on her channel). Her videos are entirely being translated through english and other languages subtitles thanks to fans so everyone can understand what she talks about.

For a tiny woman like her around 45 kg and less than 1,60 I guess her metabolism is just different from other people. The calories she intakes are totally crazy keeping in mind that a normal adult who exercise regularly should not go over the 2000 kcal per day… Every normal person couldn’t help but gain weight and cholesterol with every bite of those gluttonous meals but she’s just so skinny that many people on the net assume she’s cheating. But seriously how can she cheat when she films everything? I don’t think so, it must be that her body is different and she seems so happy when she eats delicious food so I think it’s fine as long as her health is kept under control.

Recently she uploaded a video in which she shared with all her followers her annual checkup and it was all perfect so… She has only a different metabolism we can’t judge her because she can eat a lot!

I love watching her videos and you can see from her face she actually enjoys it so much so I think we should be happy she can eat to her fullest without any regrets.

What do you think about her? Let me know your opinion! Bye