FRIDA’S BED by Slavenka Drakulic


I’ve read this book during my stay in Trentino and it was awesome. I couldn’t stop thinking about Frida Kahlo for an entire week, thinking about her strength just to walk and be alive. I am really impressed by her, didn’t know that she was under so much physical pain throughout her whole life. But it was the pain that made her an artist, to express her most inner thoughts and feelings she found the way most suitable to her.

In the book written by the talented Drakulic I felt Frida’s thoughts clear as they were mine. I was so painfully aware of my own love, my life and the way my family sees me. In more than a page I felt like the words were describing myself. I felt so happy at some point because I was sure to be alone in my despair but then here she comes, my heroine!

Dear Frida, from the bottom of my heart I would have liked to hug you tight and be your friend during the hard times. From an italian woman of 2016 I feel so close to you, it was like while reading the book I found you as a friend for life. I want you to know you are not alone, as I am not anymore thanks to you.


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