As a twenty-something year woman I feel sometimes that I lack sensuality, femininity and just the right touch of mystery that every women should have.

Dita Von Teese in this kind of field may be the anachronistic goddess of a past too far from what we are used to see in magazines, streets and shops. Her sensual figure is elegant and she’s never too much exposed which I find totally refreshing.

She’s over forty and her skin and body are soooo amazing! She dyes her blond hair black to suit her character and always mind her exercise with ballet classes and gym. She’s known for always wearing red lipstick as the old celebrities she admires so much.

Being perfect everyday it must cost her a lot of time and preparations. I know it because I always take care of myself in a really obsessive way and the things a woman has to do to maintain a good image of herself are just so much that sometimes I feel dejected and with no more energy to control my nerves…

Waxing, shaving, masks for hair, face and body scrubs, nails always perfect, the right dress for every occasion, the right pair of shoes and accessories and finally the styling of hair and makeup that must be up to date and always appear natural… Women are slaves of their bodies and obsessions… I think I reached a point in my life where I understand I can’t always be perfect and this is driving me to a self-loath kind of emotion.

Dita is obsessed with the 50’s and she drives period cars, wears clothes of those years or inspired by those designs. I think her way of expressing the taste she is so fond of is gorgeous… She is always true to herself because she has found her way of style and never gave up o it even though sometimes it can be pricey, overwhelming and put through pressure. 

She’s always elegant even in street clothes, of course wearing her 50’s favourite designs. No matter what she is a perfectionist and I like her very much because she inspires people to change in what they like.

Recently she came out with a book and her line of lingerie, which is her great passion. As a burlesque ballerina she has skills in dancing on pointe and revealing the sensuality of a corset. She still remains a beauty and fashion icon in these days and I really admire her for the ideal of beauty she represents.