I love Pony (Park Hye Min), as you may already know, and I watched her on YouTube since she was way less famous… but her transformation in Taylor Swift, in her last video, was just too amazing to only watch and not share with you!

As a professional self-taught makeup artist she knows how to work with makeup but to change so much her features to become like Taylor she proved once more her impressive ability.

Koreans netizens and now even in Usa are all around the internet to search for her bio, especially her age and if she went to a MUA professional school to achieve such good skills.

She is around 27/29 years if I’m right with my guess, no makeup school and been around since a teenager as a model, then youtuber and right now she sponsors her own beauty line under Memebox. She has lots of talent and a really personal fashion sense that is clearly visible on her Instagram.

I like her and I think she will be even more popular in the future as her videos are going viral so fast and make a sensation around people. Wishing her the best!