Today I’m gonna talk about a real sensation that in the past months came from Asia and became a huge boom in Europe and USA. In Asia was already a trend for the past 3-4 years since stress built there is totally crazy, then in Europe became a hit in the previous year. An illustrator was asked to draw a picture book and then.. Here we are.

As life could be overwhelming at times and we just search for some space to ourselves to take a breath and immerse our minds in hobbies, for someone could be difficult. Since I know through people that many has no hobbies nor passion for bricolage, I think this new trend of the coloring books may be something really useful!

Since I am myself an artist I can be sometimes a really hard judge for this kind of things even so the thought itself is great since anyone can be creative, forget about painful things and just return a child with the help of coloring books. 

I think better than beautiful outcomes it is best to just let your artistic sense take control. For example someone could color a flower red another person would prefer to use blue, it’s just a matter of choice but this kind of feeling make ouselves feel free to express our liking and disliking which in real life could be sometimes difficult.

I am positive with this new trend and you? What do you think about it? Have you already bought this kind of books?