So much feelings, so much greatness. Every time I listen to this piece I fall into the ascending slow rithm. It’s like a magic, just like letting my body go with the flow, letting it become one with the musical notes.

Such emotions are able to come alive without any effort, without being asked. Music is one of the pleasures humans and animals both enjoy and this is one of the causes it is so precious.

Classical music is a must for me. Everytime I listen to it I feel in peace, suddenly feeling better.

Not everyone can feel this happiness because we all have different tastes and the culture we grew up in has great influence in what we might perceive as beautiful or distasteful.

Even so I think classical music must be taken as something we look upon as a model, something we truly enjoy no matter our believes and thoughs.

Maurice Ravel wrote this piece “Bolero” in 1928 as a music piece commissioned from a russian ballerina, and it is meant to be danced sensually on a table to attract the men slowly coming closer to her.  This is why you can feel the “crescendo” in the music and the intensity becoming every turn much higher.

Even though Ravel thought of this piece as one of his least important pieces for me it is his best one. I really am thankful to him for creating such beautiful music.