Hi korean junkies and welcome to this post in which I will talk about one of the most prominent korean singers of 2016!  TAEYEON, leader of Girl’s Generation and popular solo singer who became a total hit with “I” the song of her mini-album that was aired last autumn.

She sings like an angel (search for her song “I” singed in studio), has a face of one and with blond hair and light colored contacts that she used in the music video appears totally sweet and cute! Netizens call her “Elf” for her beautiful appereance and baby face.

For the video location was chosen New Zealand, beautiful landscapes and new look for this popular singer that once again appears to be one of the most famous as a solo singer of a kpop group!

She’s my exact age, 26 years old (1989), and a total “Ahjumma” as the others group members named her. She seems like a descreet person who likes to work on colored books and spend time alone in her room. I like this side of her since we are all humans and we ought to be true to ourselves. Taeyeon we love you! And especially your new look which inspired a lot of youtubers in retrying it. (Lamuqe is one of them and in my opinion the one who re-did it better)

She was teased a lot in the past for a love story with another younger kpop boy under her same Agency and right now people say that she is this beautiful only because she had major plastic surgery. And I say in response: “So what? Nothing new with it since all kpop stars are known going through this procedure. Even so, I think she is one of them that appear the most natural and as I watch her past photos I can say that she really hasn’t had major intervents on her face. She has always been thin, with a small face and beautiful smile.” The only thing that matters to me is her beautiful rare voice.