Today I’m gonna share with you my opinion on a series that catched my interest from the start and I truly loved from the bottom of my heart. I finished to watch it yesterday and thought to introduce you around this amazing project.

This series revolves around a book written by Lily Koppel “The astronaut wifes club” that tells the story of the wives of the very first astronaut men who tried to reach the space and the moon during the “Cold war” with URSS. The team named”Mercury seven” is the first ever group of astronauts created for this purpose.

The trials, the expectations, the problems, the mistakes, the difficulty to maintain a proper family relationships under the camera of so many journalists/ tv, in such a heavy atmosphere, is understandable. And even more when the tragedy did happend. I truly sympathized with the characters (the actresses were superb in my opinion) and especially Betty Grissom, one of the widows, was truly a sweet character. 

The strong female characters are here depicted as they truly are: wives, mothers and friends who support each other. The differences are clear: Lady Louise (Shepard) is the cold queen, Rene Carpenter the independent female voice and the others have each one the capability to get through problems together. 

I think this series could have been longer but the episodes are 10 and apparently only 1 season was created. Such a shame…

I enjoyed the portrayal of  their lives, their different behaviours, the emotions of the wives as they watched their men attempt to reach that goal who was so far away. I could feel the terror and the anxiety of the possibility that their men could be killed trying something so dangerous.

The tryals were great and the relationships with the other groups wives of Gemini and Apollo depicted well. 

These women are to be respected and looked upon as role models. 

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I really like when there’s a series portraying the “behind the scene” of an important historical date/event. The moon landing and the firsts attempts to reach the space are part of our history and the little we know about it is simply fault of the educational system. I’m sure in USA, as in Russia, in school children study this topic really early in age, this is different in Italy where the moon landing was seen as an event too distant and unrelated. 

Wish there were more of these kind of series and less fictional romance stories on vampires, werewolves and such…