My skin is really sensitive so I need to be careful when putting on makeup, treating my skin with creams and of course when taking off makeup too. As I tend to get redness around my chin, mouth and cheeks when a product is more aggressive than others I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect item.

And I finally can say, after 6 months of continue use, that my skin has finally found the perfect match! VICHY PURETE THERMALE 3 in 1 is my one and only one product for demaquillage.

3 in 1: 

  • cleansing
  • demaquillage (for eyes and waterproof makeup too)
  • soothing


Personally I love this product and I will never change it. I use it in combo with the EAU THERMALE AVENE that I wrote about in a previous post: after demaquillage I spray 2 or 3 times the EAU THERMALE and I can really feel my skin is able to breath and get soothed. (This past summer I put them in the fridge to have them always cool and fresh when it was time to take off my makeup)

My skin was in a terrible state during past spring but I feel that this product helped me a lot taking care of my troubled t-zone. Now my skin is clear and I don’t have redness anymore.

It is said to be a popular item used behind the fashion shows to take off makeup from the models. This is true because if you check on some pics of the most famous backstages you can definitely see this product on the makeup tables.


  • cheap (big size is 400 ml and around 15 -16 euro)
  • really gentle on skin
  •  for every kind of skin
  • no need for toner (already in)
  • really soothing
  • not aggressive on sensitive skin
  • fresh feeling
  • no redness
  • no need to wash off
  • no parfume


  • not always in stock
  • difficult to find

I found a Pharmacy here in Italy that sell products with huge discounts so I can get it without trouble for my wallet, it needs to be shipped (400 ml are a lot, I usually finish it in 3-4 months) and it’s usually difficult to find it in stock. When I needed it the past summer I searched on the net for another one where I could buy it here in Italy, and in the end it was impossible to find it, so I waited for a restock in my usual Pharmacy.

I hope this product will never disappear from the market because sometimes it happens even to awesome products like this one.

Bye and let me know if you are a fan of this product too! ❤