I personally liked this movie. I went to the cinema already knowing its content and all because I saw on tv the trailer and it was so funny that I felt the urge to watch it… And… the expectations were satisfied. I liked it, as it is an animation film meant for teens and families. 

I was getting tired at some point with the figure of Sadness as it may appear the bad character of the film. She is not a villain, but even so makes a lot of mistakes and such, and because of her, Joy had to face a lot of troubles… Sadness was slow and always weak, but I have to admit  it: her view is close to mine sometimes so at some point I started to feel annoyed even to myself… I 

Joy was the positive figure, the happiness, the content of fun times. I really liked her and root for her till the end. Fear was sooooo cute too, trembling and running in panic all the time. I especially liked Disgust, her expressions were the funniest and the way she expressed herself totally like a teenager of these days. Anger was like a volcano, ready to erupt anytime.

The film may be meant for teens but in the theatre there were all adults laughing and smiling.

Feelings sometimes are difficult to express and especially when you are young. I am having hard times even now that I’m an adult so let’s be patient and help each other during difficult times. I try to always smile and be gentle,  to make some compliments to others so they will feel happy and maybe glad. 

Being positive all day is difficult and maybe impossible, but let’s be realistic, we can always try a bit harder.


During the film I realized that in my everyday life I am under complete control of Fear and Sadness. I am a frightened person most of the time. Scared of people, scared of failing and to embarrass myself in front of others, scared to speak my thoughts. I need to focus more on positive feelings and to let go of my fear. I will try harder.