Hi healthy eaters! I’m glad you came to take a look to my new recipe 😉

Today I’m gonna introduce you to a real traditional italian dish that is basically eaten anywhere in Italy but originated from the south.

This is a side dish now, basically an omelet, but when people were poor and lived with only the vegetables that grown in their fields and the eggs from the chickens they raised, this was maybe the only thing nutritious for them to eat.

Italian cuisine is it known to be various and full of vegetables, particularly good for diets and such. Of course here there is fat people too, but, who stick to eat italian food only in the right portions usually don’t gain weight. Why? Because we are used to cook directly from the vegetables and not using surrogate or processed food.

The absolute truth for a good balanced meal is to eat less processed food as possible and to eat the right portions. Overeating is just gonna make you eat more and more so try to limit yourself.

I am not a heavy eater, my stomach can’t take much but I too have times when I crave for extra food. When those times come I usually eat fruits like bananas, strawberries and peaches, sometimes I make myself a macedonia with lots of lemon juice in it and then drink a lot of water to make my stomach feel fuller. It works wonderfully, try it yourself.



– one big zucchini

– 4 eggs

– melted cheese or grated cheese

– salt and pepper

– extra virgin olive oil

– ginger to taste



Cut the zucchini in not too thin slices, look at my frittata the right size is 3-4 mm, just right to let them cook evenly and get golden while still feel juicy when eaten.

Let them cook in a pan where you already have poured some extra virgin oil. Cook them on both sides until golden, then in a bowl mix the eggs, salt, pepper and grated cheese (two handfuls), mix well. (I add some melted cheese too to make my frittata richer and delicious)

Pour the mix on the zucchini and cover the pan with a lid. Wait until completely cooked, just be sure to cook on low – medium heat for all the time necessary. Usually I take up about 20-30 minutes until evenly cooked. You don’t need to stir it up or to flip it, the top of the frittata should be like the picture: moistened and soft.

If you cook it just right you are gonna have no problem in placing the frittata on a plate. High heat usually is the enemy of frittatas cause it makes things stick to the pot.

For a richer taste I usually add ginger in powder on top of it and then I put the frittata over a plate and cut it like a pizza. 


To accompany the frittata I suggest some prosciutto crudo and melon. This combo is perfect when you feel hot in summer and to bring out for picnics too.

Enjoy the summer with family eating delicious and healthy food! Have fun!