Hi ♥ Today is a cooking recipe!

I really enjoy a lot making risotto. It’s one of my favourite dishes! I find it really delicious and nutritious when done following the right method.

So, let’s prepare together a delicate cinnamon-pumpkin risotto!

Note that for the sweet flavour you need to use carrots broth (a common vegetable broth with carrots in it is not good enough) because the sweetness otherwise is gonna come only from the cinnamon and it may be less noticeable!

To prepare a broth is simple: just add in a large pot water for 3/4 of it and then add the vegetables you want: potatoes, carrots, onions… It’s the same with meat broth.

For this recipe is needed a broth with carrots, so you can prepare a broth with only carrots or, as I suggest, to add potatoes cause it’s gonna make the risotto richer.

The vegetables cooked in the broth are gonna be healthy and good for a salad: with oil, vinegar and salt you can make up a simple side dish. ♣



– Onion (1/3 of a big onion or 1/2 if a medium size)

– Butter (2/3 large spoons)

– Rice (one full cup = 2 people depending of the rice)

– White Wine (a glass)

– Carrot and potatoes broth is sweet and is well matched with this recipe (chicken stock or vegetable broth if you don’t mind the flavour to be more salty)

– Pumpkin

– Cinnamon

– White pepper

– Grated parmesan cheese (as preferred)


First rule: When you try to prepare a risotto, you can’t afford to look away during the process. If you have only 10 minutes before friends coming over for dinner you can’t make it in time. Risotto is a dish that requires at least 20-25 minutes and can take up even 40/45 minutes if you need to add some more ingredients that need to be previous cooked. (if you need to prepare the broth it goes up to 1 hour and half) Focus only on it please, cause it’s gonna waste your efforts and time if you just do it half heartedly! 

DSCF4743 DSCF4749

Prepare the vegetables: Cut in small pieces the pumpkin and the onion. The smaller the pumpkin the better in my opinion, cause it’s gonna cook evenly with the rice.

DSCF4756 DSCF4766 DSCF4798

Different types of rice are meant to be used for different recipes. I used the Arborio cause it keeps the grains from swelling up too much and the risotto is easily sticky enough to enjoy it with the pumpink pieces.


Melt the butter add the onion and when it’s gold enough add the pumpkin in cubes. Be sure to not let it stick to the pot!


Add the rice when the pumpkin has been at least cooked for 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the cubes. Pour a cup of white wine and let the alcohol dry out fully before adding the broth.


Pour the broth and then keep your rice moistened with it until fully cooked. Normally it requires 20 minutes to cook, the rice has to be soft for this kind of risotto.

At the end of the process add cinnamon to your taste and grated cheese. Add white pepper to taste.


This dish is delicious and nutritious too. If you are gonna serve it to kids skip the wine or pour only half cup even though the alcohol is not anymore in the rice when fully cooked, so is safe.

I suggest to enjoy it for a quite and light dinner between friends with a salad on the side and some delicious entrée. This is gonna be a dish really appreciated! 

Hope you like it, bye and eat healthy for a healthy life!