Hi, I’m finally back with some helpful reviews. Reviews are awesome whether you are trying to decide to buy a product or doing some previous researches and comparing prices. And for a shopaholic like me is a must!

Now, changing topic, as I continue to take notice of what my skin really needs I tend to cut off all the beauty products that irritates my skin. And one treatment that never fails to amaze me is this Eau Thermale by Avène which is the new Holy Grail in my beauty routine.

This product is soothing, calming and relaxing for any kind of skin and especially of course to irritated skins. It’s awesome after shaving, as an after sun and for any kind of redness or swelling.

I break out quite a lot around my mouth and chin so I use it to calm down the aching and the swelling of my pimples and as a basic step in my beauty routine. I usually spray it on my face after taking off my make up using my Vichy micellar water (best combo ever!) I will write about it next time…


I spray it whenever I feel my cheeks are hot, too much irritated or dehydrated. I especially recommend it after getting a treatment like a scrub or a facial. It soothes without clogging the pores because is all thermal water and only washes away impurities and such giving skin a natural blast.

For me is a must have for any make up pouch! I usually get, as picture shown, the 300 ml with the freebie of 50 ml to carry around in my bag. It’s really convenient for less than 10 euro. (Italy price) and the mini size is soooo cute and helpful to bring in your purse in any kind of occasions! Even when a mosquito bites you spraying it on the skin will really help a lot calming down the itching.

In conclusion I really recommend this product!  Based on 10 stars I would dare to say that it’s 10/10 full marks! Definitely a must for irritated skins like mine and for really a cheap price too because the bottle really last a long way! I use it everyday and I bought a new bottle yesterday after more than 2 months of spraying and still there’s some more…

Bye and take care until next time! ❤






Hi there! Tonight I’m gonna show you a really effective treatment all made by natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen!

Do you want a brighter complexion?  Using a treatment that even leaves you a really good scent on your sensitive skin?

What we need are only 2 ingredients:

– 1 orange

-2/3 tablespoon of honey


What’s needed is an orange. You will basically use only the skin so the fruit can be eaten after the treatment for a really fresh feeling 😉 

To obtain the small flakes from the orange that will be the mixed to the honey use a grater on the skin of the fruit. When you have grated all the orange it’s time to add honey and… that’s it! 

Fast, simple and really effective on your skin! 😉 Personally I love the scent that my skin will keep even after so many hours. My skin always feels refreshed and brighter.

DSCF4481 DSCF4482

I use it after a bath or a hot shower so my skin is ready to absorb all properly.

I slather the mixture on my skin and then let it dry out for 20/30 minutes. It stings a bit the first time cause your pores are gonna shrink, nothing to worry about anyway… Keep it on as much as you like even more as I previously told. After that I usually scrub it on my skin the remainings for 2/3 minutes to let my skin soften and properly squeeze out all of the juice.

The result is impressive: with a natural glow your skin feels amazing!


I personally use it 2 times per week and because the ingredients are safe and completely natural your skin is gonna only get brighter with no other after effects.

Of course if you live in a really sunny place make sure to do the treatment at night and don’t expose yourself immediately after it. During the night your skin will be able to restore and not get burned easily the morning after!

I suggest to wear a sunblock to avoid any problems at least for the day after!

Try it and let me know how it worked on you! 😉