Hi! Today we are gonna try a vegetarian recipe!

I love stew. I used to eat it a lot when I was young. My mom made it for me on sundays and I can still remember the delicious smell and the waiting hours before eating it.

In Italy as you know, we use a lot of tomato sauce. Stew here is rarely white or without tomato. And since I like this recipe with a thick and tasty sauce I always add tomato in it. If you don’t like it just skip it.


– potatoes

– onion

– peppers (2 colors at least, I used green and red)

– zucchini

– tomato sauce

– salt

– seasonings

– olive oil

Preparing this recipe is super simple. The only thing to pay attention to is the different time needed per vegetable to cook. The right order is: peppers-potatoes-zucchini. The onion is always, when used as a “soffritto”, the first thing to put in the pot together with olive oil.

luglio 2014 093

Chop the onion and add it in the large pot with olive oil. Meanwhile prepare the potatoes.

luglio 2014 105

Add the peppers previously washed and cut and let them cook for a while, at least 10/15 minutes.

luglio 2014 107 luglio 2014 108

When the peppers are softer add the potatoes, the tomato sauce and 2/3 cups of water. If you prefer not to add the tomato sauce just add warm water. (the potatoes are uncooked so you have to let them cook in some liquid)

luglio 2014 125 luglio 2014 130 luglio 2014 133

I prepared some meat to accompany the stew since I’m not vegetarian and I have to feed big guys here!

luglio 2014 138luglio 2014 118

Add the zucchini when the potatoes are half-cooked. Since this vegetable is the last one be sure to add it at the right time. Zucchini don’t need a lot of time to cook so mind the time! Seasonings and salt to your liking.

luglio 2014 153

When the sauce is thick enough and all the vegetables are cooked is time to serve it!  

luglio 2014 162 luglio 2014 164

Delicious! Try it and you will be delighted 😉

I accompanied my stew with some fried chicken breast. This recipe is good alone for a light dinner or served as a side dish. Cold is good too! As I am a big fan of cold dishes this recipe is the ideal to be brought outside in a lunch box (obviously the sauce should be thicker and less)

The flavour is strong since the peppers bring not only awesome colors but a distinctive taste to the dish so seasonings aren’t really needed apart from a pinch of salt. Therefore to avoid using too much seasonings add them at the end of the cooking process. Evaporating water would make the salt evaporating too, so is important to add it only in the end or rather at the start when vegetables are raw. This is an awesome trick for who can’t eat too much salt.

Hope you enjoy it!