Another one of my recipes!

I thought that since I took so many photos of my meals in the past months I needed to make good use of them 🙂 Spreading recipes is like tasting different cultures. I’m always interested in trying new tastes, so I prepared the famous potato gateau that France is so proud of. (Basically a rich mashed potato oven cooked)

Since this recipe is sooooo rich and heavy I only could eat a spoonful. I’m not so good with heavy meals, even so I think it was really tasty. The responses of my guests were so good that I promised to make more in the future. (the gateau was finished instantly)

So let’s get to the recipe:

– boiled potatoes (5/6 medium size potatoes for 4/6 people )

– 2 eggs

– ham

– parmesan cheese (or any kind of grated cheese)

– stretched curd cheese (mozzarella, cheese for pizza)

– butter

– bread crumbs

– white pepper

– salt

aprile 2014 021

Boil the potatoes and meanwhile prepare all the ingredients on your table. When cooking is preferable to let your ingredients adapt to the ambient temperature. Cooking with products that are directly from your fridge it’s not a good thing. So keep it in mind! 

aprile 2014 027

Mash your potatoes and add the ingredients: ham, cheese, salt, white pepper (the more the merrier), grated cheese and in the end the 2 eggs. I suggest, since the eggs tends to cook instantly when added to the hot mix, to let your mix cool a bit before starting.

aprile 2014 029

aprile 2014 034

Mix well until it turns out like this: creamy and soft. If you like you can even eat it as it is. This will turn out in a rich and delicious mashed potato especially good and nutritious for children. (even the ones that tend to leave everything on the plate will like it)

aprile 2014 040

Then prepare the baking pan spreading butter and then on top of it the bread crumbs. The main point that differentiate this rich mashed potato from a gateau is this passage. (since the gateau has to be thick and “tall” I would suggest to use a deep baking pan to form beautiful slices)

aprile 2014 042

aprile 2014 043

When the baking pan is covered in butter and bread crumbs in this order, then pour the mix and on top of it add more bread crumbs to let it forms a crust. Add salt and pepper as you like. For a personal touch some pieces of butter or more grated cheese. Then bake for at least 30/45 minutes at 180°.

aprile 2014 068

Since this dish alone is quite heavy I would recommend it with meat on the side cooked simply like a steak. Some fresh vegetables would be good too: peas, salad, carrots or corn to lessen the burden on your stomach.

The result is awesome. So rich and delicious that your guests will be amazed. Try it and let me know your experience! Bye