Tonight I’m gonna write down for you my personal recipe for delicious stuffed peppers.

I really like to cook, even when I was really young I liked to prepare tasty food for others. I think this kind of hobby it’s really helpful when you have someone coming over for dinner or if you have to prepare something for a picnic.

As I am an italian woman, I like to feed others. Really, you can’t understand how much I feel blissful when I see all my plates empty and clean without anything left on them!


Delicious food can cure anything. It’s something that can cheer you up even in bad times. This is why I try so hard to make my recipes as tasty and nutrious as possible.

I feel like a mother when I hand over the plates full of food!


So let’s begin! 

What do we need? Peppers! Colorful, healthy and tasty peppers. I chose the mini size so I could serve them as an appetizer before the real meal. If you prefer the big size one is good to eat them alone as the main dish with some potatoes or salad on the side. 



– peppers

– bread

– pig sausage (spicy sausage is great if you want to add even more taste)

– 1/2 eggs (1 is the usual  quantity but look at the mix if it’s too dry add another one)

– half onion

milk (a cup)

– parmesan cheese (or grated cheese of any kind you like)

– extra virgin olive oil

– salt


Bread is preferable if it’s old, at least of 2/3 days, when you make polpette (meatballs) and basically the recipe for any kind of stuffed vegetables is the best way to add texture to the mix. 

Then bread is usually wetted with milk before adding it to the mix. Let it absorb completely the milk before using it. (a cup is fine, depending on how much bread you prepared)


Sausage: any kind is fine. Since I wanted to make the peppers stand out in flavour I opted for a normal pig sausage. If you like spicy stuff you can use the sausage you prefer.


The peppers have to be washed and cut carefully. You have to clean them internally, the seeds have to be entirely removed! 



Cut half onion. The smaller the pieces the better. They will melt in the mixture and you will not find hard or uncooked pieces.


Add in a large bowl: sausage, 1 egg, the bread wetted in milk, salt, a pinch of pepper, onion and grated cheese. Mix them well until it forms in your hands a ball.

Then start to stuff the peppers.

Put the peppers on a baking pan where you previously poured extra virgin olive oil. Cover entirely the peppers with other grated cheese to let them form a really delicious crust…



Bake in the over for at lest 45 minutes at 180°. For bigger peppers is it needed more time of course.



Then it’s done! Enjoy them with your family! 🙂


I personally love them when they have cooled down. This is a recipe to bring out on a picninc since the peppers are small and easy to eat without forks. 

If you will eat them for dinner prepare some mashed potatoes or a simple salad to accompany them. The flavour of the peppers must be the main point of the entire meal course, so mind the different tastes!

I would suggest for a dessert something light, fresh and with lemon in it. Lemon ice cream or a sorbetto would be perfect to freshen up breath and start the digestion well.

Bye, hope you will try this tasty recipe.