Today I will write about a different topic.

I came across some street art and so I want to explain my point of view on this matter.

As I was an Art student myself and I keep drawing even now, I find amazing how street art, when done well and in specific spaces (so not the kind with vulgar words and expressions meant to offend someone or done everywhere on someone else’s house), can change the appereance of a boring, non-distinctive district.


There are famous street artist, beginners and different styles but the importance of this type of art is the amazing creativeness that is brought up on a simple grey wall. 

Our cities, in specific areas, especially in industrial and old districts, are kind of boring and without a specific landmark.

Landmarks are needed. This is not a simple baseless statement because in our everyday life we come across lots of them. The most common huge buildings that became famous through time are: Tour Eiffel in Paris, the Dome in Milan, Pisa’s Tower, Taj Mahal in India, Stonehege, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona… Big buildings full of history that became the centre of their cities or rather something to visit one in a lifetime.

But there are smaller kind of art that work wonderfully as well: the statue of Hachiko in Shibuya  for example.

The landmark is a sign recognized by people and that works as indicator when you try to explain to some visitor where are the main streets, shops, museums…

So as we can understand landmarks are needed in every landscape. A statue, a tower, a giant sign, a colorful street art… Even so we are always sorrounded by the same grey walls and even though time goes by nothing really changes.

Rather than a demolition, or a blank space, art can accomplish a great make-over without huge costs. Creating a huge landmark can require years and lots of money, and without a great project behind there’s not a 100 % of positive feedback with people.


Personally I find street art useful and inspiring too. Recently street artists work on concrete creating the illusion of three – dimensional spaces.

You can see magnificent works through your city just by walking, take a stroll and enjoy the art!




Some works are awesome others not much… But we can definitely understand the message.

 So what do you think? Are your pro or con street art?