Hi! Today I went for a walk and wanted to show you the incredible beauty of my land: Italy.

When I was younger I used to go to the river with my dad at least once a week. We didn’t talk much, since we are both usually calm and composed by nature, but it was so relaxing and beautiful just to be together that I cherish those moments in my heart as something precious. These memories are sweet for me and since then I kept going to the river and had the strange feeling that when I am near water I feel good.

Today I walked through BRIVIO, a small town on ADDA’S river and felt peaceful even in the cold weather (+10°).

I really like to walk since I’m the sportive type and I always long for the outside. So when I have the chance I take two steps by myself or with others. Since I’m not a friendly and outgoing person I have few friends and on top of it they live far away from me, so we can’t meet up often.






Italy is mainly known for tasty food, ancient history and art. If you think of Italy in terms of landscape the first thing that comes to mind is usually Venice, the small artistic towns in Tuscany  called “borghi”, the magic of Rome and Florence. Even so in here there is nature too!


Italy is in my point of view a beautiful country with lots of different types of landscape: mountain, lake, beach, rural land, large areas of woods, desert (yeah, we have this too, look for Sardinia “Piscinas” and the “Desert of Accona” in Siena’s province) and volcano black land (3 areas in Italy are really known: Stromboli, Etna, Vesuvio) . We don’t lack anything, even if we live in a relatively small country, the only thing that keep us from enjoying it fully is the black economy that seem to get worse as time goes by. This is why youngsters are usually searching for work outside Italy, abandoning traditions and families.


Let’s change topic now and let me speak about fashion and comfortable clothes.

I’m a woman and I like to dress up well and beautifully, but the thing that for me is of the utmost importance is that my clothes have to be comfortable. Because I am an xs, 36/38 size in clothes, my wardrobe is full of relatively large pieces that I can wear leisurely without thinking too much. (my right size is rarely avalaible so the only choice is to buy larger clothes if I don’t want to go around naked)

Since I have muscular legs I often wear dark tights or trousers on them to make the illusion of thinner legs. Illusion is a basic in fashion. Because I’ve always been an active person in sports, especially the ones in which the legs were majorly involved, the result is that my upper body and my bottom have a gap in sizes and misures. (upper xs, bottom s/m – 40/42)



What I’m wearing here is a simple outfit without bright colors. I wanted to keep it clean and simple since I wanted to take a walk.

I opted for :

  • Simple cut black coat ————>  Zara
  • Black leather lace up boots —–>  Even&Odd
  • Distressed jeans  —————–>  Forever21
  • Shoulder iridescent bag ———>  Even&Odd
  • Multicolor scarf  ——————> Diesel

I think this type of outfit is a passepartout that can be worn anytime: when travelling, going to school, for walks… This is a basic outfit for winter days in which you don’t have the time or the care to look at what you are wearing when heading out.


♥These boots are made for walking♥… like one famous song tell. I fell in love with them immediately when I saw the price and the images on the net.  So comfortable and ice/water proof. (personally tested on 30 cm of snow) Last month I bought a lot of things from internet, and these pair were in, since with the discount was a great deal! Couldn’t resist…. sorry, my poor wallet! 🙂

Since i’m relatively tall for a woman I don’t usually wear high heels. I like them a lot, but not for everyday use. These boots are flat so really easy to walk in and make errands.



My bag is a shoulder type, simple and clean in its features. The color is simply great, iridescent (I’m sorry for the quality of the images) between gold/silver and rusty. Since I like to carry with me anything that might be useful I prefer big bags. I think its the key peace of the outfit that gives an allure of  leisure and playful time to the rest of the clothes.



Hope you like my outfit and the landscape I love so much!

Bye, see you next time! ^^