Hi there! Hope you all had a wonderful new year’s beginning!

Today I’m gonna write about a hot topic that as a woman I particularly sport: balanced diet!

How to achieve and how to maintain a diet regimen may appear difficult or impossible at times: work, family, children, even pets can occupy so much of your time in your daily routine that you don’t have enough left to think about good balanced meals.


Here in Italy there’s the so-called “Mediterranean diet” that is known for being balanced and having a lot of good nutrients from vegetable and fruits (citrus fruits), plus carbohydrates from pasta and extra virgin oil tha contains good lipids for a balanced diet.

We usually eat fresh products and it’s known that non – processed food is healthier and contains more minerals and vitamins that would have been cut off when boiled, cooked or preserved in the cold of a refrigerator.

  • 1st rule of a balanced diet is to try to add in your meals as many fresh products as possible. Go to the market more often and buy fresh products! Of course you need time for it so choose vegetables that last more days like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Your fridge should have always stored them.
  • 2nd rule is to “COMPENSATE”! Don’t stuff yourself all day with fatty chips, cakes and such! If you eat too much in one time or you always eat fatty things then it’s natural to gain weight. To prevent it you need to watch what you eat. If you eat for example for lunch a high calories sandwich or a set meal at MacDonald, for dinner you try to eat something fresh and good for your body to lessen your calories income per day
  • 3rd rule be creative when you can ! Try new recipes, enjoy a new food regimen! Use different vegetables and fruits, your kitchen should become your space to conquer new possibilities. Invest some time in it, because your health will be better.
  • 4th rule try to be as colorful as possible. Vegetables and fruits are colorful, use as many as you can when you prepare smoothies, sandwiches, appetizers… Those colors are full of different vitamins and minerals that are so good for your body health!

Color Code of Restorative Nutrition_02


  • 5th rule prepare meals in advance and storage them! Use lunch boxes and bring them with you! It’s healthier and cheaper too! This is a trick to always eat good balanced meals when at work or away from home. Enjoy them with your family at a picnic, colleagues in the office…
  • 6th rule use less salt and sugar and add seasonings to your meals! Salt can be pretty dangerous when taken too much during our life, this is why cut down on it and use seasonings instead! The same goes with refined sugar. Use honey or raw sugar to add some taste to your tea or cakes. This will prevent dangerous situations for the future, and about salt, less water retained especially if you are a woman and tend to have cellulite and circulations problems in your legs.
  • 7th rule drink natural water! Not the one with bubbles in it! It’s something that may be obvious but it’s true! Water hydrates your body and especially your skin. For a younger look drink water!



So, try these rules and let me know your experiences and stories!

For now bye and stay healthy!