Tonight I had the most fancy dinner of my life… Me and my dad ate lobster, a delicious one I must say.

We are not rich and we live far from the sea, which is why fish and shellfish are quite expensive for us.

Lobster is always associated with rich people, fancy dinners and party’s. In Italy, but I think everywhere, one of the most expensive dishes on the menu if you go out to a restaurant or even if you cook it at home. 

For italians it’s an unusual dish. Because we originally didn’t have in our territory this kind of shellfish, in our tradition there’s not a single dish based on it... Even so there are other kind of shellfish like crabs and prawns that are eaten especially in southern Italy where fish is eaten daily… Lobsters are kind of tropical so not something an italian would eat everyday. The Mediterranean Sea is too cold for lobsters and this is why in Italy this kind of shellfish is a bit extravagant. Of course there are imported lobsters or even some rare places in Italy that grow up them in captivity but this means only that the price goes so high that normal people can’t afford them more than once or twice a year…

Today me and my dad went to do some chores and then returning home we met my mother who was going to the supermarket. Helped her with some shopping and then… we bought the lobster… It wasn’t something we previously decided so as we were heading home we suddenly thought if we had the right size of pot in which cook it. The lobster was really big so we had a bit of trouble trying to figure out the biggest pot in our kitchen.

Lobsters are greyish/brown when still alive and turn red after being cooked. I don’t like the idea of hearing the lobster screaming when dying because I think it’s a torture when you put them still alive in the boiling water. It’s a crude thing to do. This is why, and because I was the one to cook it, we chose to buy a non alive one.

It’s really simple to cook because you have only to boil it, the hard time comes when you try to eat it… The hard shell is quite tricky to break… even so it was delicious, my dad gave me the biggest part of the meat in the claws. There were eggs too because this was a female. In italian the female is called Astice and the male is called aragosta. The female is definitely better because it’s bigger, with eggs and with bigger claws, the taste is said that is a bit different compared to the male. My dad was really happy to eat something so unusual. We like a lot fish and shellfish but it’s rare we buy them cause it’s expensive and hard to cook.



If you don’t still know what to cook for New Eve, try lobsters, it will turn out pretty good even if you don’t know a lot about cooking:


– lobster

– water

– salt


– butter

sage or parsley (the taste is totally different so choose between one of them, parsley has a fresh taste and it’s usually used for fish, sage is instead delicate and non invasive if you want to taste the real flavour of the lobster)

– salt

Put the lobster in boiling salted water and then wait till it comes floating on the surface of the water and turn red. Prepare the sauce in a small pan, add butter, a pinch of salt and parsley or sage. The sauce must be hot! This is really important, a cold sauce is not as good as if eaten hot.  


BUON APPETITO and Happy New Year!

This will be my last post for 2014. Tomorrow I will be heading to Torino to celebrate with my bf. I’m excited and always full of hopes for my travels, I will take a lot of picks so I will be able to post them in here.

Bye and thanks for always reading me!