Hi, during the past months I crazily searched for a cute dress to wear on Christmas’s day and the result is that I had dozens of “save for later” clothes on different shopping websites. (Asos, Yesstyle, Zalando, Abercrombie…) It’s quite comic how I can be so indecisive at times… 🙂

I was searching basically for an elegant/cute outfit to wear on that day and to be good enough to wear in other different occasions, like weddings, party’s and such. This is my personal first trick: choose always a dress that can be used for multiple purposes, so you will save money later. 

For a well made dress you need to set firstly a price. With the bad economy here in Italy a 50 euro dress (62 $) is good enough but definitely not a well made one. You can’t expect silk or refined dresses but it’s a good bargain if you find a good chance. Still I think that even if we don’t have enough money, and here I’m talking about women, we tend to save up for a better dress instead of setting for a “not so pretty” outfit. We want to appear beautiful and feel reassured too, so if we wear something we are not sure about we tend to be less happy and friendlier with others. We want the “WOW” effect this is why we should always choose something that make us feel the best.

The second trick to save money is simple and maybe not good for anyone but definitely a good opportunity to challenge themselves in being creative: You need to buy an only outfit for both Christmas and New Eve!

Christmas is usually spent with family, New Eve with friends, lover… So the people you see on these days might be different, and in case you spend both with your boyfriend/husband you have to know that they usually don’t pay attention to what you wear. Mens are pretty dense at times… So if you are on a tight budget buy one dress and just make a change with accessories!

  • Stilettos, bright and precious jewels, elegant pochette and a sophisticated make up and hair do for New Eve
  • Boots, cozy and soft knitwear, red or white tights, cute hat and funny bag for Christmas

So for today I’m gonna write about how to save money and to style a single outfit for different occasions:

  • Sometimes it’s better to choose a skirt instead of a dress.
  • Furry dresses are a must for Christmas!
  • Leggings and soft socks are really recommended
  • Red, white, green do a perfect match
  • Cozy, cute and pretty knitwear are the best!

This year I chose a checkered red dress, black tights, knee boots, cute cape and white hat and scarf. I personally sport cute outfits even if I’m 25 years old… It makes me feel better and kind of nostalgic. I often remember my mom dressing me up when I was a child with pretty dresses and bows… I loved how she was trying to make me look cute and pretty. I think it’s because of my surroundings that I’ve been able to learn how to dress myself up.

Here below I chose some looks to copy or to give you simply some inspiration. Try to remember that It’s not needed that you buy every year a new outfityou can use whatever you have in your wardrobe that makes you feel good. Just add a bit of accessories or a cute thing and the look is complete!

For example re-use a skirt of the last year and match it with a cozy pullover and white socks, try pants, try a different look or a dress that you never worn before and that has been in your wardrobe for some time… (I do it a lot!)

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As you can see this year is the year of knitwear especially dresses... why? Because it’s definitely a smart choice! You can add accessories, belts, change tights, shoes… and the look will be completely different. This is why you can always re-use this type of dress to New Eve too. And there’s something even more exciting about this type of outfit… If you are gonna eat a lot like me, then it’s a good choice, it will cover up your belly enough to make you appear as slim as before you have sat down to eat with your family…

Have fun in these festivities and cherish who you love with all your heart.