My skin tends to break out more frequently during this season. Stress, makeup and other things like a wrong scrub (too strong and rough), could make skin more sensitive and easily prone to acne or pimples. 

Last night some of the pimples that I can’t seem to win around my jaw line, started to ache really badly, so I resorted to my infallible method: Chamomile tea bags.

Why chamomile is a lifesaver when treating skin?

  • Because its delicate and can be used when you need to calm down your redness, swelling, horrible break outs and other kind of things related to pain.
  • It’s even really effective when you need to brighten up your tone. (no more dull skin)
  • Has a whitening effect if you use it constantly. So don’t use lemon but chamomile instead if you want to obtain whiter and clear skin! Lemon can be more aggressive and has a side effect that can bring you more problems: dries out your skin with no improvement whatsoever!

Every once in a while when you notice that your face is getting greyish from stress – smog – dead cells, use this method of mine! You will see immediate improvements ♥


I have already wrote about the green tea bag method in a previous post, that could be used as a toner or to lighten and give some relief to eye-circles, but the chamomile is definitely better if you need to treat your pimples. You will use something natural and absolutely helpful so your skin will be thankful.

I drink often chamomile and such, so in my kitchen there’s always some tea bag to come on hand when needed.

So what is the right method to lessen the aching of pimples? Boil some water, not too much, or the chamomile will be too diluted (half cup is enough) and then when is ready, put 4/5 chamomile bags in the water. Let it stay for about 5 minutes and then it starts the magic! I use hot/warm water for this treatment so the pores will open up and the chamomile will work immediately.

Use your common kitchen paper, fold it in some stripes like bandages and then dip them in the chamomile. You basically need to cover up the areas with your pimples with the papers and then you will feel immediately relieved from the pain. Do it continuously for about 20 minutes or less and the pain will disappear. The trick is to be continuous, and if the water gets cold then reboil it and start again

I repeat this treatment when necessary but you can do it every night cause chamomile soothes the skin making it pretty and smooth. I used to do it every 2 days in the past and the outcome was absolutely fabulous! Bright, clear skin and no pimples. (I was lazy this year around)


I will continue the treatment 3 times per week. I can see easily even after only one treatment my skin pretty and more clear, the redness and swelling of my pimples reduced and my face look less stressed.

You can do this treatment with cold water too if you want, but instead of work on pimples and redness will keep your skin hydrated and smooth, clear and soft to the touch.

We all think that to maintain a healthy skin we need to drink a lot, I do it too, but the truth is that water can be used topically to lighten wrinkles. Chamomile is amazing for wrinkles treatment too, cause it allows the skin to be more supple and radiant. This is why it’s important to hydrate the skin as much as possible from within and from outside. I used to have one line on my forehead but with this treatment I had a really improvement, it appears only when I’m really stressed out.

So try this method, and let me know your experience!


Bye, see you next time 🙂