Hera is a well-known korean brand for women around 25- 50 who want to appear younger and look like a celebrity. Their products are a bit pricey in comparison of other brands like Etude House and Skinfood which are liked and designed basically for young women (15-30). So we are talking about a different target for a different cost, this is why there’s a gap in money. But even if Hera’s products cost more they are definitely worth it.


I have used as far other products of this brand (body cream, bio-cell…) but today I’m gonna write about their Cleansing Foam which I love and use every time I take off my makeup.



  • The real minimum amount of product used per time. (which make the product last forever, so even if it’s a bit more pricey it lasts more than any other cleanser)
  • The light scent that makes me feel relaxed and pampered.
  • The silky smooth appearance of my skin after using it, like having put on my face several layers of cream, toner and other stuff.
  •  No absolutely traces of makeup. It’s really effective.
  • Dullness gone, I can see my skin improvement in getting whiter and smooth.
  • The feeling of absolute cleanliness on my face. (I especially love this thing because I can sense my skin breathing after so many hours under makeup)


For me Hera’s Cleansing Foam is the best korean product to remove makeup. It’s true that I had to change my way of getting rid of my makeup since here in Italy we don’t have such things like cleansing foams, and beauty treatments like in Korea… So I’ve always used the removal tissues of any kind of brand (only brands that I can find at the supermarket here in Italy) like Nivea, Lycia, Garnier… But the feeling on my skin was really different. Definitely rougher and not pleasant like using this delicate foam. Once I tried it I kept it dearly to my heart 😉

I have still left more than half of the product in the packaging and I used it almost everyday since I opened it 3 months ago.

HERA Creamy Cleansing Foam 200ml 3_edited_edited


Put a drop of the product on your palm. Add some water, and start to make the foam till it becomes white and of delicate consistency on your palms. Then massage it in round motions onto your face for about a minute. The massage will help you wash away efficiently the makeup but also stimulates skin’s regeneration.

It’s always a good thing to do a self massage when applying treatments onto the skin because it allows to go deeper into the tissues and you are sure to have reached its best effects. I particularly like to massage it a lot for this reason and I insist especially around my t-zone and cheeks to get rid of any kind of excess sebum accumulated during the day, smog and of the cream fard I use.

The final step is to rinse well with lukewarm water and that’s it! Simple and fresh in less than 3 minutes.

If you want to give your skin a more freshen up feeling, after the last step, you should wash yourself with cold water to close your pores and give your skin a blast (this is of course especially good in summer). The skin will appear tight and rosey after it!

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There’s nothing left to say about this product, just try it yourself and let me know by posting a message! I’m always happy to receive your comments and likes.

Bye and always feel beautiful, because you are beautiful! 🙂