I’ve always been a major fan of braids. Single braid, fish scale, double (like a sweet school girl), the side braid… When I was little my mom used to tie me up my hair for school in different ways, and since I’ve always had very long hair she changed my hairstyle very often. Being creative is ours family dictate 🙂 Braids, pony tails… For a girl is  sign of feminility taking care of her hair. It’s not enough having a good makeup if we have hair all over the place, right? It’s like having an additional accessory to match with our clothes…

Since I have long hair I find it cute and sometimes refreshing too because wearing braids without a fail makes anyone appear younger. If I’m in a hurry I can tie up my hair in simple ponytails, if I have a bit more time I choose a single braid. The single braid is for leisure time too, at home I always have it done on the side.I make myself a thick one braid to go out usually in days I have especially rough frizzy hair so I can appear all clean and in order without thinking too much.

How do I achieve the thickness needed for a good-looking single braid? It’s really simple, a trick that will be really useful for you all. This secret was given to me by my redhead friend that has really extra long hair…Make the braid as you usually do and you tye it at the end but remember to keep it loose, then pull down your tie for about two thumbs and try to enlarge your braid by pulling the sides of the hair strands. Work on it a bit till you enlarge the braid as wanted. This is a trick for thick looking braids without using extensions!

Braids are useful even for making your hair curly in a natural way. Wash your hair, if you tied them tightly when they are still a bit wet and let them all night like this you will have curly hair without using the iron! Just add some hair spray the morning after and then for the entire day you will have natural good-looking hair without any damage.


I really want to improve my knowledge in hairstyles and try more, like the fish scale braid I really adore but can’t seem to learn… or the braid on the front… It’s easy when you remember the movements but since I can’t seem to understand how it’s done I will surely watch a tutorial online and try till I will learn it.



And a good thing to do when you make the effort to look cute with these kind of hairstyles is to choose pretty accessories like bows, jewelry clips and hairpins to match your clothes and to give a more appropriate finish look.

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Try the braids or even the single one on the side, the one I especially like! Braids are cute and can definitely make you look pretty and younger, so try it and always feel beautiful! 🙂

Bye =^^=