Last weekend I participated as a guest to a wedding and I noticed women lacking common knowledge when it comes to dress up for this kind of occasions. Long dresses for a morning wedding… Black clothes all over… IT WAS TERRIBLE! Even if we are all catholic, and we all grew up knowing the simple rules for a good and appropriate guest on a wed day, there’s always someone who dress up only trying to appear beautiful/sexy, forgetting the common rules.

ARE YOU DOUBTFUL ABOUT WHAT TO WEAR AS A GUEST TO A CATHOLIC WEDDING? You are reading the right post, FOLLOW MY 3 SIMPLE RULES and you will be perfect!

I’m italian, and here in Italy weddings are pretty crazy: a lot of food, the party that goes on for the entire day until late in the night…

In Italy we are traditional when it comes to weddings. Ours confession is mostly catholic so we always, without a fail, celebrate it in a church. It’s rare to have a laic celebration even so the clothes required for these 2 types of events could be the same (except that in the church you have to be necessarily more respectful), so let me explain myself:

You are required to wear classic and formal clothes  and to follow some simple and relatively known rules:

  • For women is preferable to wear dresses, more feminine and classic than pants. But if you don’t intend to wear a dress, elegant long pants would be fine too. (not the low cut version of course… no belly exposing please!)
  • Jeans are banned even if you have payed them 400 $ and are brand named…
  • Don’t expose your legs too much, no exposed breasts too (this is known I suppose, but even here in Italy I happened to see young women too much undressed and they might appear vulgar especially to old people who’s traditional).
  • You have to wear a jacket or a pullover over your dress if you have bare shoulders or arms. Something that covers up them and eventually, if you have a deep back dress, your back. You can always wear the jacket only for the mass in the church and then when going to the party take it off as it was only to be respectful to the sacred place you were visiting.

So, let’s resume what not to expose/not to wear:
YES to pants but definitely a NO to exposed belly!
NO jeans
NO mini skirts (a knee length is perfect) —- > if the dress/skirt is at half legs height, at least cover them up with dark tights!
NO exposed breasts
NO bare shoulders and back
NO sexy/cocoon dresses (you aren’t in disco, you are in a church!)

NO LONG DRESSES or long skirts that cover your feet (only the bride should wear one!)

Other things are fine so as long as you follow the “not to do” list you will be ok. There’s no limit to heels and accessories (except for hats that you have to take off if you are in a closed room as it is a church or a public room…) but there’s a hard rule that most people even don’t know of it’s existence. ——->

It’s taken too lightly, but for me and especially who’s traditional, it’s important. NO TOTAL BLACK AND NO TOTAL WHITE, WHY?

  • NO TOTAL BLACK to a christian wedding please! ———> black in our religion is the death color, used for commemorative celebrations, so is a no-no-go for black dresses to a wedding.

It’s like saying that you wish for the couple to break up soon after the marriage or that you don’t approve their decision! It’s really rude to wear it! I know that black is the most elegant/fashion/always trendy…. bla… bla… bla… colour, but for a wedding is the most inappropriate when it comes in total look.

  • NO TOTAL WHITE! Because only the bride has the right to wear it, as a symbol of her pureness. So don’t be in competition with her on her special day, ok? Be a good girl, your special day will arrive too 😉

But in general If you mix white with other colors is fine, the same goes with black, so you can wear both white and black, not in a total look. For a wedding it’s still preferable to wear bright colours. Green, pink, red and electric blue are a must!

I went to a wedding some years ago where, at 10 a.m there were 3 women in black evening bare back long dresses… 3 mistakes in one row… black/bare back/long dresses… Awful, too much disrespectful! And again last weekend 2 women in pink long evening dresses… it was 11 o’ clock… So just remember that the length of the dress is super important! —->

And, coming back on the topic, most weddings are celebrated in early morning/afternoon hours.

3 ♥ THE MOST APPROPRIATE LENGHT: Definitely the knee length! When I say knee length it’s ok even if it’s shorter or longer by 3-4 centimeters.

I’ve included some examples, look down here (of course these dresses aren’t enough for a church, you should accompany them with a jacket or a proper cover up for shoulders and arms, but the style and the length is perfect) ——>

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These rules are important and knowing them is like having a complete control over your appearance on that day.

If you are looking for other accessories it’s definitely better a gentle smile given to the people around you than any kind of precious jewels you might wear. Even if you don’t know anyone of the family or friends just remember to smile and all will turn well 🙂

Hope to have been useful to you all! Bye and be happy, cause a marriage is always something beautiful!