I’m a big fan of asian beauty treatments. I tend to my skin a lot and I like to take care of my hair too. Because I keep my hair really long and I used to bleach them a lot with red dye, which I don’t do it anymore, my hair now is dry and I have split ends everywhere.

I’m a natural cold toned brunette, the tone is really cold, this is why I tried to bleach them in a more warm color. But now I have to admit, after years of bleaching, that my natural color suits me better and can definitely make me look younger. I’m planning in the next weeks to go asking the coiffeur for a natural balayage, so no more dye on the entire hair.

So, now that I’m pretty sure of what will be of my hair in the near future, I need to talk about a great shampoo I’m using right now, a shampoo that worked wonderfully on me:
Ryeo red shampoo is a Korean product (brand Amore Pacific) for damaged hair who had been bleached, treated chemically or put under stressful styling. I came to know this product after winning it on Ebay. It was a bedding and a nice one I have to admit! I won 2 red shampoo ryeo of 250 gr for least than 6 dollars with free shipment. It was pretty awesome I know, because as I search now for buying more I can see that the price is much higher compared of what I payed.


Korean and japanese products for hair are absolutely the best. Why? Because asian women usually bleach their hair to a more appealing brown and chestnut color. Not to mention the continue change in styling (straight, curl…), which cause to their hair a need of nourishing treatments. The ingredients are usually extracts from plants, erbs and flowers (like Camellia) and the competition in the beauty field between brands is high, so there’s always on the market something new and more powerful.

For example I personally tried the japanese Tsubaki set too in red/white and gold, all of them are pretty good and I will write a post on it next time, but I find that the Ryeo’s shampoo line it is still better in scent and treatment.

I like the rich erb scent of ryeo’s and the awesome thing is that the scent stays in the hair for at least 2/3 days. My dad loves this scent πŸ™‚ and I love it too. It’s like having my hair always freshly clean… My hair feels amazing and after some shampoos I could see definitely the results:

My hair is super-shiny which I never was able to obtain with other brands/masks/oils and they are straight too. I mean, I have natural straight hair but they are always all over the place because I don’t use the straightener but now they are so good to menage. So my final opinion is that from the moment I started to use this shampoo I saw a really huge improvement.


I really recommend it as it is for me the best treatment for hair. I have only used so far the shampoo (and it’s great how my hair is so beautiful without even the help of conditioner or mask), and when I will find a good deal on the net I will buy the red shampoo and conditioner set for sure.

Ryeo’s sells different colored packaging shampoos/conditioner which are meant for different kind of hair. Just look for what you need. If you have some informations or questions about this topic you are all free to leave a message.

Internet is such a good vehicle for reviews and such, let’s make a good use of it girls!
Bye πŸ™‚