Do you know about the multiple uses of ALOE VERA? This awesome and natural ingredient for skin beauty, that really helps in different occasions and ways, is my beauty secret treatment…

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I use it often as I sincerely like its light texture, like densed water, and its ability to make my skin feel intensely hydrated without stickiness or any kind of rich smell.

1. Aloe vera is usually used as a treatment for sun burn which is really a powerful resource indeed, but not the only one:

2. For example I use it on my skin after getting rid of hairs (like on my legs) and I can really feel and see as a result the redness and swelling go down faster because of it. I’m obsessed when it comes to hairs so this is really a great help because I often need this treatment to freshen up my skin. Let it dry out after massaging it and immediately after you will feel sooooo refreshed!

3. You can use it even as a hydrating body cream. After a shower in the summer I use it as much as I like without worrying of worsening the pimples on my skin or without feeling discomfort because it doesn’t contain any rich perfume. So, aloe is really a great solution if you hate perfumed creams, or if you hate the stickiness you feel even after wearing clothes.

4. I use it even around my dark circles when I feel that the skin is really dry and to feel a fresh feeling on my eye.

5. Try it on your hair! On my split ends worked wonderfully. Dry hair will feel silky smooth using aloe! Just brush your hair and add aloe 2 or 3 times as a layer. Dry it out completely and then the miracle is done 🙂

6. You can use it as an antibacterial too: this is why it’s a must when you feel your skin is itching because of your pimples or after a mosquito bite.

7. If you feel hot because of the fever or you are just over-heated after sport or you’ve just had a stressful day, try it on your forehead and cheeks. It’s like trying a cold compress.

8. It’s a useful pimple treatment with some additional ingredients. Because aloe it’s antibacterial, you can spread it on your face and let it dry out as a beauty mask to hydrate and getting rid of pimples. (use for example lemon, green clay or tea tree oil and mix it well)

So, as you can see, there’s a lot that aloe vera can do for you.
I really recommend it, but you have to keep in mind also few basics:
Aloe vera is usually better in a high % rate, because you can definitely have a better and more natural product.

So choose at least 90 % aloe vera or over when it comes to gel or products with it.

Keep it far away from hot places.
Cooled down is awesome… You can keep it in your fridge to have a cool mask always ready and a great help especially after epilation.

You will never have bad reactions with it because it’s super natural and free of perfumes (if you buy the original gel type of course)


If you are lucky enough to have the aloe plant in your house, then you only need to break a leaf and see for yourself the gel coming out from it. The gel will be 100 % pure aloe vera, completely free of any kind of other artificial stuff they usually add in it.

I’m using this one right now ——–> NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA, It’s really a good product from Korea.

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So you only have to try it, and if you know other ways to use this awesome product let me know by posting a message! I’m really happy to learn something from you all!

See you next time! 🙂