I really love to drink green tea and to pamper my skin with its powerful juice! It’s simple and useful to reuse your tea bags after having a blast drinking a cup of tea! So just be creative and use it for multiple purposes!

Green tea is amazing. I personally love the taste and it contains antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols that will keep your skin young and pretty!


1 green tea bag

Really effective on:
Dry skin
Normal skin

I have really dry skin on my face so 2/3 times a week I use masks in the evening but it’s not enough.

So what do I do to make my skin supple and radiant?
I drink everyday biological green tea to let my body feel hydrated and I use the filters to freshen my skin topically.

So enjoy your green tea and prepare yourself the cheapest treatment!
You have only to gently massage onto your skin the tea bag as you would do with cotton drenched in toner. Just dab it gently on your face until it dries out and then you will feel your skin so fresh and supple!

Personally I like to use the tea bags onto my eyes and on my dark circles. I can feel immediately the area really freshened up.

It’s easy, inexpensive and you are able to recycle too! Try it!

Bye and see you next time! 😉