Have you got any pimples on your shoulders or back? Or you want a silky smooth body?
The perfect skin that models have, that seems so soft and without any imperfection is around the corner… Just learn how to do this SCRUB and you will be so pleased with the results that you will just keep doing it forever!

The ingredients are really cheap and you can find them everywhere, so why don’t you try it? You need only 3 ingredients! Sooo cheap! šŸ™‚ I love this word!


HARD GRAIN CORN FLOUR 2 cups (the one you usually use for Polenta)
PH SOAP 1/2 cup (or a soap who doesn’t make foam)

Baking soda is known for having a really high quality power when treating skin problems. And it’s specifically great for oily or combined skin.
Corn flour is the best when you want a natural scrub. It has big grains for a better and effective massage onto your body. Your skin will be so smooth to the touch that you won’t use anything anymore.


Preparing it is just too simple: Just add 2 cups of corn flour to 2 cups of baking soda, add some PH soap and water till you obtain a paste that would be good to massage onto your skin. Then you only need to SCRUB gently because the grains of the corn flour are already big, so don’t overdo it if it’s your first time.
For a better result scrub it for few minutes on your entire body and then let it dry out a little. (just 5 minutes) Rinse it off well with warm/cold water and see for yourself.
For at least a week your skin will be sooo silky smooth!
So sexy to the touch if you want to be glamorous on a night out.

This SCRUB is amazing! I use it on me on summer because I have a lot of tiny red pimples on my back that are the results for treating my hair with extra moisture treatments (I have dry hair). I usually wash my hair in the shower so the shampoo, conditioner and masks keep falling onto my skin and then it breaks out with those horrible monsters.

From the moment I knew that I should wash my body and hair separately or at least to be extra carefull to maintain my head and neck from let the treatments go down my back, I noticed a really improving in my skin.

I had some more to take care about, so I tried this SCRUB on me last year and my skin felt great. I’ve done it today too! So I wanted to share with you this amazing recipe. ā¤

Repeating it once a week or every two weeks should be fine.
Just remember that your skin is precious so don’t overdo your body with a lot of different treatments. A scrub for the body and one for the face are great once in a while but be careful!

If you enjoy pampering your skin every day just remember to use natural ingredients for your masks or scrubs and to hydrate yourself as much as possible with water, tisane or smoothies, because a flower will wither and die without anything to drink.
Remember: your skin is a flower.

Hope you will enjoy this SCRUB, bye! ā¤