Let’s be realistic, we can’t be perfect all the time and the first thing to get stressed out when you are having a bad time is your SKIN. And going to the beautician costs money…

Even so if you don’t get treated you are gonna look at your face and body with anxiety, only waiting for the breakout or the last moment imperfection.

But no more worries! The only method to save your skin from dullness and pimples is to make yourself a good SCRUB.

But there are a lot of types and recipes on the net and you don’t know what to try out?

Let’s prepare the most effective and cheapest one! ♥


2 tbl of raw honey (or biological)
2 tbl of refined sugar ——> raw sugar is ok too
If you need to treat your oily skin too add:
1 tbl of lemon juice
1 tbl of baking soda

It’s really simple to prepare this SCRUB. You only need to combine the honey with the sugar (half/half) and then massaging it onto your skin in circular motions (this gonna be useful for your circulation). Use it on your lips too, it’s really affective on the chapped skin of the mouth. Don’t wash this mixture off in a hurry, you need to let the paste stay on your skin for at least 15/20 minutes, cause the honey will let your skin feel amazing when the treatment is done. If you are the patient type, like me, just let it dry out completely and then, with extra care, cause the sugar when stuck on your skin and you try to remove it can make you feel pain, wash it off with warm water.


This SCRUB is the best for dry skin and healthy for oily ones, cause the honey it’s not aggressive on your skin and can calm and protect the affected areas a lot better than any treatment cream even if you have really sensitive skin.

I suggest for who has oily/combined skin to add some lemon juice and a bit of baking soda to the mixture. These 2 ingredients can make the difference if you need something who can help you with fighting the excessive oilness.


  • Don’t use the SCRUB around your eyes.
    (The eyes’ skin is more sensitive than what you think)
  • Don’t put too much strength in your massage cause skin can get affected by it.
  • Don’t overdo it, by repeating this treatment more than twice a week.
  • Don’t expose yourself to the sun immediately after, cause your skin was treated and could be damaged by the sun rays.

After this SCRUB your skin feels amazing, on me worked so well (for my dullness skin) that I usually repeat it every week. The ingredients are only 2 (3/4 if you add lemon juice and baking soda) so it’s super cheap but still effective.

If you want to enance its effect, do the SCRUB after opening your pores, like making yourself steam baths or using a hot towel on your face. Remember to always close the pores with fresh water in the end, cause it’s gonna be healthier for your skin and this is the right process when getting a steam bath, finishing with cold water to let your skin be perfect.

The honey will cure your skin, letting it be supple and radiant while the sugar will get your skin smooth and soft by eliminating some traces of old pimples, dullness and reactivating your blood circulation to get rosy cheeks. ♥

I hope to have been useful to you! Bye and take care =^^=