YESSTYLE affordable clothes

Hi, this time I want to write about a website I truly love when it comes to shopping. I am talking about an affordable place on the internet that I like for the design of clothes, wide range of sizes and affordable prices of their products.

offers a really wide range of clothes for women, men and babys and lots of accessories as jewelry, shoes, bags, beauty products and some other stuff like technology as covers for iPhones and home stuff.

I have to say that I am very difficult in tastes when it comes to clothes because my grandma used to be a tailor in major brands in Milan when she was really young, so as I grew up in her house, I developed some classic and chic taste seeing her always so elegant and minimal in her everyday routine. Her wardrobe really is to die for! So as you can comprehend I’ve been really influenced by her taste in particular when it comes to the fabric and the design.

In Italy we have lots of luxury brands but as I am not a rich woman I can’t afford those tailored clothes so I have to choose between other medium-low priced shops. Plus the economy in Italy is going really bad so we can’t have much money to use for shopping, and all the clothes here have been increased a lot in price and decreased sensibly in quality.

So if I want to go shopping I have to go to H&M or ZARA, which aren’t italian brands and hope to find some good stuff for about 15-25 euro each. Sometimes I find something but the quality even in these brands it’s not always the best. Why I need good quality? Because I use the same clothes for years until the colours or sizes change. I still have t-shirts of my middle school and sometimes I use them as I have the same size and aren’t worn out. I don’t find a good thing that the fashion trends change so quickly, because we throw good clothes just to make some space in the wardrobe. I don’t have so much clothes in my drawer so maybe that’s the trick.

50 euro for a dress is still a good bargain in Italy if you can find a well made piece, but definitely still not a good price as I recall that 5 years ago I could buy 2 dresses or 3-4 t-shirts for the same money. 50 euro now with the bad economy is a lot of money and I really hate to spend them all just for one dress so I was disappointed to begin with about all this matter.

But I have still one more problem which I always had but now seems worsened because the majority of the brands in Italy started 3-4 yr ago to sell clothes in bigger sizes, so actually an XS is an S and an M is an L. I have a really small waist and chest so I always find clothes too much big for my body shape and so my shopping became a nightmare.

So I had this idea some time ago after I was rejected for a modelling job for being too much skinny. I was told by the man in chief when I was wearing some of their clothes which were too much big for my frame: “You’re too much skinny, you have a built as an asian and we even can’t use you for asian clothes because you are too much tall and you are way too thin on the waist.” I was really surprised at the beginning for those words because where do you find people in modeling jobs that don’t appreciate a thin body? “Well, nothing to worry about”, I told myself. It was only a job for having some pocket money. I don’t have those kind of ambitions so I wasn’t particularly angry or sad about not obtaining that job but those words really made me think.

Asian clothes? Why don’t I buy some of those and see for myself? Maybe I can find my size!

And so I searched websites of asian brands and I found yesstyle which sells a lot of KOREAN BRANDS that became my favourites cause I seem to have the right size to fit the clothes. I was so awe all the time in seeing some of the cutest clothes I always dreamt to buy here in Italy and I even made a list of my favourites long maybe about 100 articles.

In the end I chose 6 products for an amount of 120 dollars (98 euro). Even if in the beginning I was afraid to order them, because I was scared of receiving the wrong sizes and maybe different clothes from what I chose I still made my order on January of this year. I was so impatient! I received the package a month later with express shipment and to my great surprise the clothes were perfect on me and all of them were wrapped up in their own cellophane.

marzo 2014 019_edited
With my first order I became a BRONZE MEMBER, so I had a 10 dollars discount for the next order if I placed one above 80 dollars and an ulterior 3% discount on every product on the website. With a minimum purchase of 25 dollars shipment is free (economy postage) and with a minimum order of 80 dollars the shipment is Express and free (3-5 days until the package reach your country)

With 120 dollars (98 euro, which was a great bargain) I received 6 articles:
– a ribbed Henley in charcoal grey
– lace up high boots in brown ——–> that I always wanted but I couldn’t find a similar model in Italy
– banded A-line waist skirt
– long sleeve furry knit sweater in pink
– v-neck colour-block knit top navy and yellow ———> My favourite, it looks so beautiful on my pale skin! With black leggings and brown boots with a bit of heels it looks stunning!
– Cut-out sleeveless black dress

All of this clothes fit me perfectly. I ordered the smallest sizes as I checked on the sizes information of every product the right conversion from inches to cm. (here in Italy we use cm)
I was a bit afraid about ordering the size of the black cut-out dress but it fits me really well without making me appear wearing a dress too much big for myself. The cut-out parts make it stand out from the crowd of the others plain black dresses.

The problem for me still remains the length of the clothes because I’m tall and so I have to check every product information, even so I find not difficult to find clothes over 84 cm long (the right length for not showing my panties when walking).

I was so impressed by the great service, the awesome fabrics and designs that I placed another order a week ago. I was in need of a beautiful unique dress to wear in a special formal occasion. I will meet with my boyfriend family in May and we have to go in church, so I felt like: “Oh, my… I have to be cute and feminine enough to make me look lovely!” I know for sure that , of all the days I could be ugly, that day I will look my worse. It’s always like this, right girls? Pimples, red eyes and black circles will appear for sure on my face. But, hey, I will wear a stunning dress so maybe nobody will notice…

This time I placed an order of 150 dollars (112 euro) and I will receive 9 products. I used my 10 dollars bonus, and I was a little unsure about it, cause I never used one coupon before on internet but I could use it without a problem. I ordered the dress, which was really really cheap for the details I saw on the images (24 dollars/19 euro), bag, shoes, a necklace and earrings to complete my outfit. My boyfriend when saw the dress on the website told me: “That’s it, it’s the right dress for you and its way too cheap to miss it.” I was a little unsure about it so I kept searching for other dresses but in the end I ordered it.

I even ordered grey leggings, a light pink summer dress, a sheer turtle neck dress and an orange skater dress to use this summer and I will surely buy again when will arrive the discounts in May/June for the final clearance of the end of season of spring fashion.

With this new order I will be SILVER MEMBER, I will have 2 coupons of 10 dollars to use on different purchases of at least 80 dollars and a 5 % discounts on every products on the site.

Yesstyle is definitely a really good place to do some shopping and find great bargains if you want to purchase good stuff without paying a high bill for it! Definitely recommended.

P.S I’m not being payed by the website for this positive review!! I’m only writing about my personal experience so it’s only the truth what I’m saying. I’m happy because I can buy a lot of great clothes without paying too much and to have found dresses of my right size!

Hope to have been useful to someone who couldn’t find good clothes for cheap! Bye and take care all of you.