Hi, It’s been a while. I didn’t have much time untill today to write and post pictures.

Today I am gonna show you how to prepare a really tasty meal without a lot of effort or different ingredients…We only need some potatoes and a yellow pepper! This could be an interesting change in your Christmas menu. If you usually prepare the potato mash in the festivities you can make this yellow pepper potatoes to serve instead!

This side dish, because it’s usually served with meat, it’s really easy to cook and very pleasant to the taste. So let’s begin:

fine maggio 2013 014


10 medium potatoes (It depends on the size)

1 yellow pepper

olive oil

a glass of water

salt and pepper

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We need firstly to prepare and cut the yellow pepper. Clean the pepper (be sure to clean it very well, the seeds in it can change the taste dramatically) and cut it in small pieces. The size and the pieces are to your taste.

fine maggio 2013 031

In a pan with olive oil, put the pieces of pepper and then let them get golden. Add salt. Let them cook for about 10 minutes at medium heat.

Meanwhile peel the potatoes. Cut them in medium size. Add the potatoes to the pepper and stir them up. Add a cup and a half of water, to let the potatoes boil. Finally cover it up.

giugno 2013 ;) 025

fine maggio 2013 039

It usually takes 35-40 minutes to cook the potatoes, cover them to let them steam and reduce the time. Remember to not stir so often the potatoes, especially when the potatoes are cooked, because it can become a potato mash instead. Add salt and pepper to your taste and that’s all!

giugno 2013 ;) 036

Enjoy this side dish with simple cooked meat like a steak. I recommend this when you don’t want to stay in the kitchen for hours but have for dinner a really tasty different meal.

Hope you like it.

Bye and take care!