Confession of a girl ADDICTED TO EBAY

Hi! In this post I’m gonna talk about a different topic. I wanted to confess my scandalous shopping addiction to Ebay.

When I’ve got the part-time job of translator I knew I wouldn’t be able to save much money, because we are talking about few dollars… Even so in the previous months I was able to buy some books for Uni, my friends’ birthday presents and something for myself using the amazing source of Ebay.

Now, If I have to be more specific, I have to firstly admit my weakness when it comes to shopping. I’m a woman, and they say that women can’t resist a round of shopping. Well, in my case it’s true. But my average brain helps me a lot in moderate my expenses. Which is why I usually spend really little for my necessities.

Compared to my brother’s bills I am definitely doing better. But, well, he’s really a shopaholic… So, when I was searching for a method to buy things without spending a lot of money I came across with the idea of visiting Ebay. And this was my ruin!!! 🙂

I am a rational person, not wasting money for things I don’t need or I wouldn’t be able to use, so I am confident in my skills. Now, I have like… 12 packages to wait for… It seems Italy is really a country who takes long time for postage coming from around the world. (the average time I have to wait for one package is 1 month)

luglio 2013 076

Now, it’s time to be more specific. What I buy? Things that in Italy are really rare to find and kind of expensive, not worth the money spent… I’m talking about skin care products. In Italy, this is my own opinion, there isn’t a real tradition of taking care of skin and face. We have products for wrinkles but not a lot of masks, treatments and emulsions. I wanted to be able to try some new products from outside, to be able to know my right skin routine.

luglio 2013 006

In the past few years my skin got sensitive and really prone to break out. My face is really fair in complexion and I find really hard to tan in this area. Here in Italy we tend to tan a lot, especially in summer. If you aren’t tanned than you are not cool, beautiful, rich (because you can spend money going on vacation). So it’s natural that, when you return to school/work your colleagues or schoolmates ask you: “Why are you so pale? Didn’t you go to the sea or to the swimming pool?” And then they automatically think… “What a boring summer he/she suffered. Mine was definitely better”.

In my case I am really unable to tan. My skin is whitening as years pass by, not knowing the cause. But I was able last year to dye my hair red because of my pale skin, so it’s okay. (red hair + pale skin is the right choice in my own opinion for a more natural result). So if I can’t tan, and I’m not even so eager to, I am trying to take care more seriously to my skin routine. Why? Because pale skin is definitely giving me a younger appearance and I like it! Even people around me and strangers tell me I seem 5 years younger. And, well, I’m only 23 years… But I am happy with it.

“The younger the better…?” Mh.. It’s not like I’m purposely trying to make me look younger, it’s in my family Dna. Both my father and mother look really young and in shape (they are over 50 and they seem 40) and my grandmother she looks really young, like 15 years younger than her real age (84). And all my relatives are like this.

So to prevent my skin to break out so often and to give it the moisture nutrients needed I go to Ebay and then find awesome products… I am happy with the products I ordered. Till now arrived 3 packets.

1. Body lotion of Hera (Korean label) Soooooo good! This product is the best!!! (Korea)

2. Aqua emulsion and lotion (Korea)

3. Various Masks skins (lemon, collagen…) from Korea and Japan

I ordered some SkinFood products too, I am waiting for them!

luglio 2013 072

I am still searching for the best choice for my skin. I am thinking of buying some snail cream for my face. Snail’s mucus seems to be awesome for scars and regeneration for skin.

If you know some good products tell me your thoughts and experiences. I would be happy to try something new!

Bye and take care!