Hi! Today I’m writing to you directly from my garden, pleasuring my time with a bit of sun warmth. Finally… It’s way easier to have a portable pc, so you can go outside and work where you want.

Today I’m gonna show you how I prepare my version of the chinese soy spaghetti with prawns and vegetables.

I have to confess that I really love asian food. I’m really a heavy eater when it comes to dumplings, wan ton, spaghetti, fish, rice and all kind of vegetables and spices they use in their dishes. Because I have to keep myself from overeating (cause my stomach easily throw up) asian food can be a healthy way to eat all kinds of food in small portions.

So let’s begin with this recipe!

Here in Italy it’s a bit difficult to find asian ingredients. Usually very big supermarkets or the few supermarkets with an exotic department keep the soy spaghetti and the soy beans, but other things are pretty rare. Lately asian food has been selling more, so we can see in ours supermarket more asian ingredients. Finally…

So, I searched on the net how to prepare this dish (at least three months ago) and I finally took all my courage and bought the ingredients to make it myself. I have to admit that it is way cheaper to actually go to a chinese restaurant and order this dish than make it myself. I found the ingredients expensive here. (like 3 euro for 100 gr  of pasta, and the same for 350 gr of soy beans, 4 euro for 150 ml of soy sauce) It’s really expensive if you think that I can buy the same dish in a professional chinese restaurant for not more than 4/5 euro. But I wanted to try to cook it at least once, not sure on the final out coming. 🙂

fine marzo 2013 060


  • Soy spaghetti 100  gr
  • Prawns 150 gr
  • 1 carrot 
  • 1 zucchini
  • Ginger powder 
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Soy beans
  • Soy sauce

I tried this recipe 2 times. Actually the first time I didn’t wash too well the soy beans and the sour taste of the acid water in which they are immersed in the bottle gave at the spaghetti a sour taste. The second time I really washed them throughly and the recipe turn out really delicious.

I usually prepare the ingredients in advance, this dish is easily and fast assembled so it is important not to over cook  the things in your pan while chopping the vegetables. So prepare them in advance.

fine marzo 2013 351

Then add olive oil and garlic in the pan. Add prawns and the ginger in powder. (I put it in a lot, I love the taste of the ginger on my prawns).

fine marzo 2013 352

Cook the prawns and then add the sliced carrots and zucchini with the soy beans (wash them really well).

fine marzo 2013 353

Finally add some soy sauce to your taste. If you want to, add salt and pepper and then mix well. Some blogs I read mention if you have happened to have watery sauce to add some potato starch. (to let the sauce turn thicker) I prefer instead to let it be watery, so your spaghetti will turn brown and really tasty.

fine marzo 2013 354

Meanwhile boil some water and then add the spaghetti. It is really a fast cook, 1 minute in hot water and they are  done. Let them cool down with cold water at the sink. So you will prevent to over cook them. This type of spaghetti really is fast to cook, pay attention to the time. You can easily find out if they are cooked stirring them with a fork in the hot water. If they move well, and they are not anymore glued to each other they are fine.

fine marzo 2013 356

Add the pasta to your sauce and then your done! Mix well and eat it hot.

fine marzo 2013 358

fine marzo 2013 362

I usually prepare this dish as a midnight snack! So I’m always wondering to myself: Why I always find myself  hungry at night??? It’s not healthy, I know it well. But it seems I really don’t have much appetite at the day time. Am I some kind of vegan vampire???? 🙂

BUON APPETITO! Hope to always be able to upload something to your taste. Bye and take care.