Hi everyone, sorry for my sudden disappearance. I haven’t been able to upload anything for so long because I’m busy in these days. Uni, family, study and  my little part/time job of translator, have kept me from writing something new on this blog. Finally I’m able to have a little time just for myself and I wanted to share with you the recipe I adore the most in this period.

LASAGNE WITH PESTO (Lasagne al Pesto) are delicious and the vegetarian choice instead of the lasagne with ragù. I often prepare this dish because I personally love the taste of Pesto. Usually, even if I’m italian and around the world they say that italians always eat pasta and pizza, I don’t eat pasta. Because I prefer rice or eat something more like sandwiches. I like pasta only when the sauce in it is really tasty, like my clams tomato sauce recipe I posted recently.

Just to let you know, the right word to name this dish is LASAGNE, not LASAGNA. LASAGNE are the layers of pasta in wich is make this dish. So it is with the ‘E’.

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  • Lasagne (dried one)
  •  White sauce
  • Pesto
  • Cheese
  • Grated cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

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I really don’t like to write down the quantity of each ingredient, because it’s a personal choice. I usually don’t follow any recipe based of it, only when it comes to sweets it’s important. So let’s begin:

First prepare the casserole for the lasagne. Use a one in ceramic because it’s better and it keeps the lasagne from sticking. Add a bit of oil, just a bit, because pesto also contains a lot. Add your lasagne and pour over them the pesto sauce, melting cheese, grated cheese and then the white sauce. Sprinkle salt and pepper as you like. If you want to keep the lasagne from being too heavy, just put the melted cheese every two-three layers, and add less white sauce, but the grated cheese have to be there. The taste without it it would be really not worth the long preparation.

When it is covered with the white sauce, cover it again with lasagne, and do the same process as before till you  finish the lasagne or the space in your casserole. Then at the top pour the white sauce all over and grated cheese to let it achieve the golden gratin.

marzo 2013 061

One thing I noticed in my experience of making this dish, is that it tends to dry a lot. So it is really needed the cheese, I mean melted cheese. White sauce too. The pasta of the lasagne if it isn’t fresh, like the one I used (the dried one) tends to cook evenly only when it is immersed in something watery or sauce. (this is why unlike the classic recipe of lasagne with ragù this one needs more cheese, if you think about it, ragù sauce is the one to let the pasta of the lasagne melts well)

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Preheat the hoven to 180° and then let it cook at least one hour and half. I usually  prepare a large casserole when I cook lasagne, so we can eat it at least for three meals. This is good if you prepare it in the weekends like me, and then eat it during the first part of the week.

I think it’s not necessary to let you know, if you already prepared it, that lasagne tastes better after a bit of time. So if you cook them and eat a portion the day after, you will know the difference immediately. I am a fun of this type of dishes, they are worth the preparation and they fill my stomach completely too.

marzo 2013 089

Ok, this photo, like usual, was taken after we ate it. I really can’t take a picture when the food is ready because I have a hunger public to feed 🙂 As you can see the white sauce and the cheese melted and disappeared, so the upper part forms a golden crust.

marzo 2013 103

I hope you find this recipe inspiring, and a good dish to eat. I will upload as soon as possible other recipes. I didn’t have much time but I took photo of my many dinners and lunches so in the future I will surely share them with you.

Thank you for your support till now, bye and take care! 🙂

ARRIVEDERCI! (See you soon)