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Here I am! Finally able to upload my recipe. The past days I had to take care of my midterms exams in Uni so, after so much studying (I got some very good marks) I’m finally free to  enjoy the kitchen! I think this weekend I will work on some coloured cream cupcakes I have meant to try out for really a long time… So, let’s start as usual with the recipe!

This dessert is for a real sweet-tooth. I don’t eat it so I can’t really say much about the flavour but the friend who eats it tells me it’s more sweet than the traditional one with Pavesini/ Savoiardi biscuits. Well, basically Plasmon is a well known brand for kids, this biscuit in particular is used for babies, mixed in milk and used to feed them by biberon. They are sweet and rich in taste. Very good I have to say. I don’t know if outside Italy you can find this brand…


  • 500 gr of Mascarpone
  • 4/5 eggs (only yolks)  
  • sugar (I usually don’t pay attention to the quantity, I think not more than 150 gr)
  • vanilla extract (for more flavour)

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I love making cream, it’s one of the things I love the most doing in the making-process of this dessert. One of the things I hate the most, well the only one I hate, Is to prepare the coffee. So I recommend to prepare the coffee in advance because when the cream is done and you only have to “set up” the dessert  the coffee will not burn your fingers when getting the biscuits wet.

This recipe of mine include in the coffee some milk, it’s a simple café au lait in the end. (I do fifty – fifty) One more thing: It’s important to not use an american coffee (the one longed with water, you can use normal italian coffee or another one type)

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Then, let’s start with the cream. Crack the eggs and divide the yolks from the albumens. You will use only yolks. Add the sugar and mix it well, until it gets soft and kind of light-yellow. Then add the Mascarpone, and mix mix mix… It will be like in the pic below when you work on it about 5 minutes or more. The more the merrier if you need a firm cream. If you like you can add some vanilla extract like I did.

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For the TIRAMISù:

  • Plasmon biscuits (2 small packs: 64 biscuits in total)
  • café au lait
  • sweet cocoa powder

Open the pack of biscuits and then… Compose it! Cream, biscuits in the café au lait, cream When you arrive to the top, add some sweet cocoa powder and that’s it! If you like you can pour some café au lait from the top of the Tiramisù and after you have put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours you will see a light cream formed on the bottom, different in taste from the one on the top.

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BUON APPETITO! And thanks for checking my page! I’m always happy to see the views on my blog.

Bye and Take care 🙂