Hi guys! Today I was asked to make plasmon Tiramisù, I think I will take pictures of the making and then write it in one of the future posts. But tonight I wanted to share with you a delicious recipe to make clams spaghetti.

I’m a really huge fan of fish and mollusks… Unfortunately I can prepare only simple dishes with them, because I’m not very good and I don’t have much experience. I will try to improve my skills a bit in the next future! Well for now let’s dig in this new recipe!

I use surgelated clams, because it’s easier and faster to use them when in the middle of the night I start having this CRAVING for pasta 🙂

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  • Surgelated clams (I used 2 packs of them)
  • garlic
  • pasta (spaghetti it’s the best)
  • olive oil
  • tomato sauces in tubes (don’t sure what they are called in english)
  • parsley

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Cut the garlic into fine pieces. Then add some olive oil on the pan and fry the garlic evenly until it becomes golden. Add the clams, usually I let them liquefy a bit, but well, when I’m hungry I tend to overcome this passage.

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Meanwhile cook the spaghetti in a pot of boiled water, in which you previously put some salt.

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When the water of the clams is all liquefied add some tomato sauce, seasonings you like (pepper…) and some salt. When the sauce is thick, red, and brings out a really fragrant smell it’s finally cooked. I usually let the sauce cool down a bit before adding on top of the pasta. Sauces are always best used when not hot, especially with tomato in it. It’s only few minutes, but you will know the difference right away. It gives a special richer taste with the hot pasta. Really amazing!

This simple recipe with almost only four ingredients (pasta, clams, tomato sauce and garlic) is easy to make and can be a really great start when you decide to add some more ingredients. (some cut vegetables, white sauce, some kind of fish, oregano…)

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Cooking it’s all about taste and fantasy try it and let me know if you liked my special midnight pasta snack!

If you are a fun of cold dishes like me, I cook often a lot of this dish than I put what I can’t finish in a Tupperware and let it cool down in the fridge for the night. The next day I usually eat it for lunch, clams pasta in super good when cooled down. I prefer it this way. One time I prepared it and put an entire pot covered with a plate in the fridge for this purpose,

Bye and take care all of you until next time! Let me know if you have some requests, like knowing how to make some italian dishes… I will be happy to make it!

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