Good evening! Let’s again talk about a meal I made last weekend.

This recipe is made by ingredients used for assemble one of the most known dishes of Italy: “Saltimbocca alla Romana“.

Well, the method is different, maybe I will upload the right version of it some time… Basically these rolls are made of scalopes in wich you put fresh ricotta, Parma’s famous prosciutto crudo and sage leaves. Well I didn’t put  sage in it because as usual my friend didn’t like it. HOW TO OVERCOME THIS SIMPLE OSTACOLE? I used a simple trick, I only added sage in powder.

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  • Scalopes
  • Fresh ricotta
  • Prosciutto crudo di Parma
  • Sage leaves
  • Seasoning: salt, pepper, nutmeg… as you like.
  • Half butter and half olive oil (as you prefer)
  • Red wine

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Let’s make the rolls: usually I use one scalope to make one roll. Put some prosciutto and ricotta  in it (one full tea spoon for roll of ricotta is enough). Add salt, pepper, nutmeg and the sage leaf. Roll it up all together and close it using toothpicks to prevent the filling from going out when you cook it.

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Then In a pan where you added previously half oil and half butter, let the rolls cook evenly all over. When you see the rolls half cooked add some red wine all over them and then let it cook for a bit until the sauce is more colored and tasty. If needed add some other seasoning and then for a better and richer taste use a little bit of fresh cream just to make the sauce thicker.

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We accompanied the rolls with some soft potato mash made by me. My friend usually wants the sauce served in the centre of the potato mash so when he wants to, he can mix it well together and have a purè with a delicious taste! Do you do it too?

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BUON APPETITO!  Hope to always be able to give you some useful and easy recipes… Bye 🙂