Hello! I have some free time to spend, so why not uploading something new…?

Right now I am wearing a facial mask  (homemade one using 1 part of lemon’s fresh juice and 2/3 parts of yogurt ) I’m  trying to let my pimples go down a little. Usually I have a really great skin, no important imperfections, only puffy eyes and blue dark circles caused by my insomnia. Two days ago: BOOOOOOM! The pimples appeared and they are so damn HUGE!

novembre parte 4 2012 030

One in the middle of my forehead and the other one on the chin. I’m so scared at the thought to have them camping on my face for more days that I hurried to make myself something nice hoping it would work just a little. If a guy is reading me now, he would surely think: “Hey Babe, it’s only a pimple, what do you worry about?” Exactly, I love so much the way men think. 🙂 I am somewhat closer to a man philosophy on my daily life, but for a girl it’s a really troublesome thing to go outside knowing she has a visible pimple on her face. We always try to be perfect in ours own way.

During the last year I particularly took attention to my skin care. I don’t use a special cream or make up remover, but when it comes evening I start to feel creative and then put on my face, neck and hands what I find at the moment in the fridge: lemon, yogurt, tomato, cucumber… I add sugar for a real good scrub, or use the water where I washed the rice in. It’s really good the rice’s water, it hasn’t a particularly good scent, but it will give a nice and smooth feel when you let it dry on your skin.

So if you are a male or a female it isn’t important, you may find the right way to have a healthy skin only trying it! If you want I can give you some suggestions, right below I will include some good facial/ body treatments:

  • LEMON/YOGURT facial mask (for all types of skin) 1 part of lemon’s fresh juice and 2/3 parts of yogurt. It’s especially good because lemon dries and yogurt gives the right nourishments, so you can have whatever kind of skin, it just will work good. The balance is amazing and it is a basic recipe where you can add some other things as you like.
  • SCRUB for body: HONEY/SUGAR/LEMON Half sugar and half honey then add all a lemon juice, mix it and then scrub all over your body. Use warm water to clean yourself.
  • SCRUB for LIPS: made of HONEY/SUGAR (you can use normal lip balm instead of the honey if you prefer) just mix well honey and sugar, and then with your toothbrush or finger and then scrub on the lips. Rinse and you are done!
  • For all types, SKIN TONE made of RICE WATER: when you wash your rice don’t throw away the water! Use it as a skin tone, it works perfectly fine!
  • For dry skin: CHAMOMILE ALL OVER YOUR FACE! When the sun goes down and you are watching a film, let it boil some water and add chamomile in it. Then wet with the chamomile’s water a paper towel, and leave it on your face until you feel your skin and the towel dry again. Repeat it three – four times and there you are! You will have a really clear, shiny and silky smooth skin! I personally do it two days a week and I find my skin really pretty.

These are my special tricks, try it or find some other recipes on the NET! 🙂

P.S The image above is my latest portrait called PINK BLUSH. It was a commission for a couple, friends of my dad. They are remodeling their home, and they felt like colouring the bedroom’s walls in gummy pink shade! This portrait it is on one of those walls. What do you think of it? 🙂

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For now bye and take care all of you! Kisses