Hey! I’m here again to share a recipe with you. It’s really making me happy to be able to speak of one of my hobbies: COOKING!

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Today It’s a salty pie, so it’s good to eat it as an appetizer. This recipe is from my grandma, she loves this pie because it’s easy to make and really delicious in taste. There are eggs as well in the mix, so, as you know I don’t particularly worship them I created a new version of it with lesser eggs and more ricotta to make it combine well all the ingredients:

– 3 eggs

– fresh ricotta (500 gr)

– ham in cubes

– mozzarella 

–  some cheese ( parmesan is good)

– saffron 

– salt, pepper and if you like a bit of nutmeg

– puff pastry for the base 

It’s really really easy…. You have to put the eggs (either yolks and albumens) together, add the saffron (let the powder dissolve with a bit of water then add it in the mixture), salt and pepper then add ricotta, ham cubes, sliced mozzarella and a bit of parmesan cheese all over it. Mix well all together and then pour it on the base formed of puff pastry beforehand prepared with paper for bake. Put in the oven for an hour or more, it depends on your oven. I usually bake it for one hour or more until the surface is well cooked on temperature 180°. When cooled down eat it as an appetizer or a snack. It’s really a simple and tasty dish, saffron gives a really different taste at everything!

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BUON APPETITO! And hope to see you next time… 🙂